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Sinister 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Everything You Must Know! Is Sinister 3 canceled?


Scott Derrickson’s Supernatural horror movie SINISTER is under so many rumors for its third sequel. Still, people are unsure about the third sequel as there is no official statement made by the creators.

This supernatural movie was produced by Jason Blum (Freaky) and written by C. Robert Cargill and Scott Derrickson himself. In 2012, Sinister film first hit the theatres and received an average 6.2/10 rating by Rotten tomatoes. Also got 6.8 scores out of 10 on IMDB. This movie still comes up with the two sequels in which the horror drama depicted so well. The whole narrative went around the real crime writer Ellison Oswalt, who discovered grisly murders in his own house’s attic, putting his family’s life in danger.

Sinister 3 Plot

Does Sinister 3 ever happen?

Is this question still unclear in the media as there is any third sequel of Sinister is about to come or not? If we talked about Sinister’s last sequels, we could say that in 2012 this horror movie looked like a fresh and one of the best horror franchises in Hollywood‘s world. Sinister one raises the standard of this movie and is highly admired by the fans. According to the official sources, it was estimated as in the budget of only $3 million, and the movie was able to collect $77 million domestically and worldwide. The fans’ expectations became too high for its next sequel to get more exciting and horror thrillers. But in 2015, Sinister 2 was released, it fully shivered the fan’s and critics’ Expectations. Sinister 2 received so many negative reviews from the audience and the critics.

Along with that, it rashly flopped in the theatres. In the $10 million budget, the movie’s second sequel only collected $27 million as a sum-up of domestic and worldwide collections. As per the statement of the critic’s consensus, the second sequel was not scary anymore. 

After the second sequel crash, the producer of Sinister 2, Jason Blum, stated there would be no Sinister 3 as they didn’t do well with Sinister 2. Not many people will also go for Sinister 3 as they are highly disappointed by the second sequel. He even apologized to his audience by defending himself as they (Jason Blum and Scott Derrickson) have no plans for Sinister 3 but might become an ‘Insidious hybrid. 

The third season of Sinister has been canceled and will not be renewed. They have decided to end the franchise. The bad reception to the second installment is the key reason behind this. It didn’t go so well, and there wasn’t a lot of money left over, so the best solution was to cancel the next installment.

It has already been eight years since Sinister 2 release. No updates have been disclosed from the production team or any streaming channel.

Sinister 3 Cast:

Till now, it has been obvious that there is no Sinister 3.

But we can totally appreciate your excitement for the next season. So let’s assume if there is a Sinister 3. Here is whom you can anticipate:

  • Ethan Hawke (Reality Bites) as Ellison Oswalt
  • James Ransone as The Deputy
  • Nicholas King as Bughuul
  • Clare Foley as Ashley
  • Juliet Rylance (Perry Mason) as Tracy
  • Micheal Hall D’Addrio as Trevor
  • Victoria Leigh as Stephanie

Sinister 1 and Sinister 2 Recap:

Sinister 1 came up with a pretty good storyline that caught the eyes of the audience. Ellison Oswalt and his family shifted to a new house where a family had been murdered by hanging them on a tree in the house’s backyard. The writer decided to plot the same story of a family for his next book. The story became more horror and suspicious when new twists and turns revealed Stevenson’s fifth family member (a 10-year-old girl), who disappeared during the murder. The writer later found a box called a reel that covered the grist night’s whole incident.

On the other hand, Sinister 2 was not found to have a good storyline by the audience who didn’t see it scary. The narrative was a bit similar to the first one. In this, a 9-year-old girl’s nightmare revealed the murder mystery of a family that hung up with covered sack as seemed as Scarecrows and burned alive in the cornfield. However, the later story was unwrapped by the critics, which was behind the crashing of this second sequel in the theatres.

If we get any updates about the happening of its third sequel, we will get back to you with the latest news. But scientific studies conclude that Sinister is the scariest movie ever. Here you can watch Sinister Season 2 trailer to know the actual storyline:

Where Can You Watch Sinister 1,2 Online?

For the die-hard horror enthusiasts out there, Sinister is an absolute must-see. Whether you’re based in the US or the UK, you can catch both Sinister 1 and 2 on Apple Tv+. And for the rest of the world, fear not; this spine-chilling film franchise is readily available on Netflix.

Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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