Sienna Miller Talks About Experiencing ‘Public Heartbreak’ During Ex-Fiance Jude Law’s Affair with His Nanny!

After many years, Sienna Miller opened about the “public heartbreak” during a recent interview. The 38 years old actress revealed what she faced when Jude Law‘s (her then-fiancé) affair with his nanny became public. It happened in 2005 when Sienna was starring in the play As You Like It.

Sienna told us that it was one of the most challenging moments that she hope she’ll ever face. She had to get out of bed alone and stand in front of almost 800 people every night; Sienna said it is the last thing you want to do with that level of “public heartbreak.” Paparazzi knew where Sienna would be every night, and that created a lot of mess for her.

After Jude Law publicly apologized to Sienna, the whole thing became so extreme that Sienna suffered a lot of damage mentally.

Her suffering was so immense; she had to block out those days from her memory mentally. Sienna now has no recollection of those six weeks, she told us. Some people came to see her at that time and had dinner with her, but she doesn’t remember anything at all. The scandal shocked her, and she was just 23 at that time. She added that if you can get through that, you feel like you can get through anything.

Jude and Sienna reunited in 2009 and dated for a couple of years. They broke up for good in 2011. Sienna said that she had moments when she felt too aggressive. She couldn’t escape the media attention. So, she took the paparazzi matter to the high court to demand privacy.

She started suing and got a privacy act taken to a high court to change England’s law. Sienna began to keep a lighter with her, which was a camera to record the paparazzi. She wanted to have her privacy when she came out of anywhere; she didn’t like the paparazzi to take her photos.

Sienna added that it was a long battle for her, and she was paranoid. This incident disturbed her a lot, and she couldn’t focus on her career. When she looks back, she wonders how did she get through it, but she did!

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