The Los Bad Boys From ‘Selena’ The Netflix Series Are Based On This Real Band!

Selena, the new upcoming series on Netflix, is a pretty faithful story that highly emphasizes this rising star. In this show, Selena and her family seemed on tour with the Los Bad Boys group composed of two-man named Joe Ojeda(Carlos Alfredo Jr.) and  Pete Astudillo (Julio Macias).

These people also exist in Selena’s real life, who was in her band until her unfortunate death in 1995. 

Pete Astudillo and Joe Ojeda from Texas named their band The Bad Boyz. In 1987, they got a big break when a DJ at the Local Roxy Club called The Bird offered them to perform on a Tejano night. But as no one knows them, all goes in vain. But the Club management was so impressed by them, so they promised to open the show whenever a big band would ever schedule their club.

Fortunately, Selena y Los Dinos was a big band of that time to come to Roxy Club. That’s the same time when Pete and Joe met Selena there. After the performance, Selena herself approached the guys to ask about their booking and management plans.

Then the two were officially hired in the leading group of Selena y Los Dinos by Abraham (Selena’s father).

According to Nick Patoski in Selena’s biography in 1996, Pete eventually became a backup singer and wrote Spanish lyrics with A.B.(Selena’s brother).

Alongside, Joe Ojeda was the second keyboardist with Ricky Vela. At the same time, Chris Perez joined the group as a guitarist who later married Selena. 

Later in the 1990’s Selena y Los Dinos was becoming a massive name in Tejano musical band. 

This band conquered the whole market and was honored by the most prestigious Award, Grammy Award for the best American/Mexican album. They were also going into the English speaking music market, but unfortunately, she was killed as she was shot on 31 March 1995. Then The Dreaming of you was the fifth and last album by this super sensational group.

In an interview with Houston Chronicle in March, Pete Astudillo confessed that he still missed the things they bought together. Nevertheless, in such a nostalgic voice, he further added that he felt so proud that we did something out to make history in the 1990s, and their music is as fresh as it was before 30 years.

After Selena’s death, Pete Astudillo created his band named Tekno-Mex. At the same time, Joe Ojeda joined Chris Perez band and released the Just Say Goodbye track in the memory of Miss Selena Quintanilla.

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