Gal Gadot Breaks Her Silence on Backlash Over Cleopatra Casting!

Red Notic Cast – Gal Gadot isn’t getting concerned over casting in Cleopatra that resists her to be featured in the incoming movie.

In her recent interview on the BBC Arabic, the actress promoted Wonder woman’s 1984 movie. She asked about her performance as a queen’s role, which she felt to be an example of Hollywood whitewashing for her. According to the critics, the role of a queen should be done by an African actress by replacing Gal Gadot.

In the same interview, the actress confessed that if you can see the facts, you get to know that Cleopatra was Macedonian by birth, not an Egyptian or African. She also added that they searched for a Macedonian actress, but it became quite challenging to search for.
On the other hand, she was quite excited about this character of Cleopatra.

This 51-year-old actress also pointed out that she found the story to be very Universal and realistic and assist the director Patty Jenkins. She also added that she has many friends worldwide, and they all belong to different categories. Some are Buddhist, and a few are Muslim, Christian, Catholic, or even Jewish too.

She also added that the only reason to play such an incredible Queen is to honor her legacy and admire this historical icon.
She pointed out that she finds the story to be a universal one, and she is so pleased to assist the director of this movie, Patty Jenkins, for the other account.

She confessed that anybody could work upon this movie and go ahead with it, but she felt great to be directed and work on it independently.

She also revealed that in October, she will co-produce this movie and that she may be playing the character of Cleopatra, and this biopic is the creation of Patty Jenkins, who directed Wonder Woman.

Further, in the same interview, she also projected the story first time on the camera. In 1963, Cleopatra’s movie was created under Joseph L. Mankiewicz’s direction, which featuring stars are Elizabeth Taylor, Rex Harrison, and Richard Burton.

According to the deadline reports in October, Paramount Picture deals with the movie Cleopatra, which is highly emphasized on a script written by Shutter Island. This announcement gets so many backlashes on social media about portraying the Egyptian queen’s character by a white actress.

Well, this is not the very first time there some Hollywood production backlashes about whitewashing concern. As in August 2019, Black Widow Cast – Scarlet Johnson felt the same as she once confessed that she could play any character of a tree, animal, or a person, and this criticism leads her to be a part of the 2017 ghost movie, the shell, which is based on famous Manga series.
So stay attuned with us about the latest news regarding the cast and character of Cleopatra. We will get back to you if we get any updates.

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