Salt-N-Pepa’s Lifetime Biopic Premiere Date Disclosed!

Lifetime’s new project is going to air next year, which inspiring the Salt N Pepa biopic. According to the maker, Queen Latifah, this movie will premiere on 23 January 2021. This docuseries emphasizes the struggle of Sandra Pepa and Cheryl “Salt” James that how these women entered into the male-dominated hip world between the 1980s and 1990s.

Queen Latifah is the co-producer of this project, which featured G.G. Townson in the role of Cheryl “Salt” James, Laila Odom in the character of Sandra “Pepa” Denton, and Monique Paul in the part of Deidra Roper, aka DJ Spinderella.

The project also has the star Jermel Howard in the role of Treach and Cleveland Berto in the character of the group’s producer named Hurby Azor. 

The miniseries depicted how these young ladies broke barriers for all the women in Hip Hop for which opens for girls after them. You can watch other Miniseries like The Stand, it is going to release on 17 December 2020.

These ladies made a huge remarkable name in the hip hop world by being the first all-female rappers, changed the look of hip hop form, and became fearless to talk about men and sex. That the real Synopsis of the story. “Salt-N-Pepa had become the first female rappers who honored with multiple awards that even include Grammy awards. This series follows tracks like Let’s talk about sex, “Shoop” and “Push It,” and many others.”

After this movie, it will follow a “fun and intimate” interview. Loni Love will focus on their fantastic partnership act that how these ladies balance everything and highly influenced the hip hop world. It will feature behind the scenes and few special appearances.

So don’t miss this fantastic docu-series.

Unfortunately, Spinderella, DJ, will not present at that great moment. Spinderella, Sued James, Deidra Roper, and Denton got fired from this group for few issues on unpaid royalties on a show named Ladies Night, one of their Best Of album and concerts. Roper even urged for a restraining order against her former members. In the year 1987, he joined the group and then filed the lawsuit after she got to know that the group had over $600,000 in profits over the past ten years, and she claimed that she was unaware of that. Even Roper’s lawyer named Paul Stafford, released a notice to The Jasmine Brand regarding this legal battle.

These incidents and stories are beautifully represented in this story. Here you can go through its trailer for more comprehensive information.

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