Kendall Long Shares If She’d Return to ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ in Weekly’s ‘Candlelight Confessions’!

Is there a possibility that Kendall Long will appear in the next season of Bachelor in Paradise? Recently, Kendall discussed her views with US Weekly regarding the series; she would be willing to appear in the popular reality show once again. Long had incredible experiences and didn’t certainly deny the possibility. She confessed that last season worked for her in the past, so she assumes it could be beneficial for her again.

Although, ABC reported that she is ready to meet other fellows, whichever is perfect for her. She is not attempting to put all eggs in Bachelor Basket. She is still dating and single.

In 2018, she met with contestant Joe Amabile during Bachelor in Paradise season 5 shooting with whom she was in a relationship. They relocated to Los Angeles after their show together. In February, she revealed her unexpected break up on the “Down to Date” podcast. She stated that they both had a great connection, And everything between them was fascinating. 

The pair ended their relationship because the Dancing With the Stars Joe wanted to shift to Chicago as he felt disgruntled living in Los Angeles. Kendall clarified that she didn’t see any future in Chicago for her career, so the couple split up their ways.

Despite this, both are still best friends. Kendall still recalls Paradise’s memories and stated that this series was a wonderful experience, in which she fell in love with Joe and spent a year and a half with him.

Do you have any hope that Kendall will return to Bachelor in Paradise? Will Joe and Kendall Long be reunited? You should share your thoughts with us and stay connected with our page.

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