Netflix Drops Trailer For New Stand-Up Special Kevin Hart: ‘Zero F**ks Given’!

One famous American comedian named Kelvin Hart’s new stand-up titled “Zero F**ks Given” will appear on Netflix soon.

Yes!! Your favorite comedy star will return on Netflix with the latest edition of his most appreciable show.

Recently a trailer of his stand-up show is out, which is filling the bags in mixed commenting. Few people admired him by commenting as it’s crazy how he talks!!

While few commented by pointing to his jokes as nasty punches,

In 2019 Netflix launched an “irresponsible” stand-up in which this 41-year-old comedian praised so well. But now, this upcoming show is all about his life dramas in such a unique way. This show was shooted in Los Angeles, California, starting in September 2020. In a short promo clip that you can see on his Instagram as Kelvin uploaded a post on his Instagram that revealed that he is working from his home and doing all this stuff in a Quarantine mode. He considered family as the safest place in this Global outbreak.

Although he is not living in such a big house, his intermediate stage with a socially distant crowd is admired by everyone. In the latest teaser, he confessed that he would continue cheating on the sex tape scandal as that was the major scandal to which his family went through a lot. He also addressed a few canceled culture concepts which he experienced in this industry.

It was great stuff to be going on as this brilliant comedian used his humor to talk about these serious topics. Apart from his personal life, he also spoke about the pandemic situation in America. This upcoming drama of Hart is going to appear on 17 November 2020 on Netflix.

Don’t miss it to watch!!

It’s only available on US Netflix, and recently the trailer is out in which you can see few glimpses about this coming stand-up show. 

Click here to watch this amazing trailer, and don’t forget to watch this particular episode on Netflix on 17 November.

Till then, stay up tuned with us for more latest updates.

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