Ne-Yo Announced Divorce Her Wife Crystal Smith On The Podcast Before Telling Her!!

Ne-Yo’s wife, Crystal Smith, confessed she unexpectedly found the horrible news about their divorce on the podcast after Ne-Yo publicly announced it before telling her.

Crystal Smith, the 34-year-old lady, said that Ne-Yo (Shaffer Chimere Smith, real name) didn’t even find the right first to tell her that he would be divorcing her. It was such shocking news that she got to know from the Media.

This couple had tied their knot together in 2016, and after four years of marriage, somehow the circumstances went wrong and led to divorce. Although the exact reason for their separation is still uncleared, the divorcing news is expected by both the stars. Crystal learned about this when she was scrolling celebrity news sites.

In her interview on American Step Up: High WaterTalk Show, Tamron Hall confessed that we chose to keep silent at this moment and give up this relation due to some issues and accepted it as her destiny.

On the other hand, Step Up: High Water Ne-Yo said that it is going to be embarrassing to say less. He announced a very public statement about this in telling podcast Private Talk with the host Alexis Texas.

He confessed that there is nothing wrong with asking about her. Crystal was a fantastic woman and mother of his children, whom I always respected for her.

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