My Little Pony: Make Your Mark Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Other Latest Updates!

My Little Pony: Make Your Mark is one of the most colorful computer-animated comedy series premiering on Netflix. The series is tied to Hasbro’s My Little Pony franchise, and it follows five ponies who decide to take their adventures across the Equestria. The show was first released in May 2022 and has grown quite a huge following since then. The series comes from Entertainment One and Atomic Cartoons and is distributed by Netflix. The show’s second season premiered on September 2022, and nearly five months later, the question of whether the series will be coming for the third season is prevalent. Here is everything we know about the upcoming show.

My Little Pony: Make Your Mark Season 3 Release Date: When will it air?

Unfortunately, a release date for the series’ third season is yet to be released, and we are yet to determine whether the show will be getting a renewal. If the series is renewed for another adventure, expect another season by 2024.

My Little Pony: Make Your Mark Season 3 Plot: What will happen?

The series plot revolves around Equestria, a Sunny village ruled by Magic and has many magical objects. They consist of unicorns, pegasis, and earth ponies, and all live together in harmony despite challenges from the newfound Magic that lurks within them. The series revolves around Sunny and her friends and their daily adventures. As they enjoy their lives, other creatures plan to steal the Magic they once had. The third season’s plot is yet to be revealed, but it will probably pick up from the second season finale.

 My Little Pony: Make Your Mark Season 3 Cast: Who will be in?

The series cast consists of some of the well-rounded voice-over artists in the industry. Jenna Warren voices Sunny Star scout, the bright-eyed pony running the smoothie shop in Maretime Bay. J.J Gerber stars Hitch Trailblazer, the sheriff of the Maretime Bay area, and Ana Sani as Izzy Moonbow, the unicorn from Bridle wood. AJ Bridel stars as Pipp Petals, the princess from Zephyr heights who has a lot of fans and is also the owner of the Maretime Bay Karaoke and hair salon. Maitreyi Ramakrishnan stars as Zephyrina, a rebellious princess who is also Pipp’s sister. Rob Tinkler stars as Sparky Sparkeroni, the baby dragon with powerful magic. Athena Karkanis plays Opaline, and Bahia Watson plays Misty, a timid unicorn taken captive by Opaline Filly. We do not have a cast lineup for the second season, but we know that all of the mentioned cast will be back to reprise their roles.

My Little Pony: Make Your Mark Season 3 Trailer: When should we ex

Unfortunately, a trailer for My Little Pony Makes your Mark is yet to be released, and currently, we do not know how soon the series trailer will be available. The second season of the animation still needs to be renewed; therefore, it is hard to determine if we will binge on the animated show or if it will be canceled by the second season. In case the series gets renewed, you should expect to binge on the show in 2024. If you have yet to watch both the show’s first and second seasons, you can do so on Netflix. The show’s first and second season trailers are available on either Youtube or Netflix.

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