Top 10 Mexican Dishes

Mexico set out on its food journey with simple native elements like peanuts, vanilla, beans, coconuts, tomatoes and stew peppers. With time, Europeans included meats, for example, hamburger, pork, chicken, and goat, and cheese to the basket. Here I’ve bring you some of the most celebrated Mexican dishes which will leave you wanting for more, every time.

1. Chicken Quesadillas

chicken quesadillas

These half-moon wraps are perfect as a snack or a mini meal. Best of all, there is sufficient space for imagination with regards to fillings.

2. Esquites/Elotes


When you’re walking around an interesting Mexican square at sunset, wanting a bite, there are excessively numerous road nourishment choices to pick from. Wherever you look somebody is offering something scrumptious, and you certainly should attempt them all! My go-to street food snack, however, is usually something called “esquites,” a piping hot cup of maiz (a lot like corn, but chewier here) with epazote spice, salt, mayonaise, lots of lime, and chile – eaten with a spoon. Elote is comparative – it looks a great deal like old fashioned corn however it will be somewhat harder than the mid year sweet-corn from the States that you may be acquainted with. It’s quite often finished with a messy yet flavorful mixture of chile, lime and mayo.

3. Tacos Arabes

Arab Tacos

The city of Puebla around a hour from Mexico City is especially famous for it’s “Arab Tacos” Much like shawarma, the meat is vigorously prepared, cooked on a spit and shaved off to order. These are a portion of the main tacos I’ve found that are normally served in a pita or a flour tortilla (corn tortillas are the standard for nearly everything else). The seasonings on the meat and the delicious middle-eastern inspired toppings are what I go to Puebla for! Well, that, and the next dish.

4.  Mole


Mole comes in various flavors and assortments relying upon where you are in Mexico. It’s famously difficult to make and contains a complex mixture of more than 20 ingredients from chili peppers to chocolate. The dark and green moles are most regular here in Mexico City, yet they are on the whole extraordinary – and they all taste distinctive as well! For instance, when you locate an awesome Mole Poblano, a famous variant starting from the city of Puebla that is dark in color, it will taste a little bit like a deliciously spicy chocolate barbeque sauce. The city of Oaxaca in southern Mexico is also famous for their many different moles, which is not surprising since Oaxaca is also famous for their handmade chocolate and diverse spices.

5.  Chilli Con Carne

chili con carne

Enjoy a hot bowl of this hot Mexican stew, rich with the integrity of beans and meat. Present with some crisply baked focaccia.

6. Pozole


This is one of my most loved dishes in all of Mexico. It’s made using hominy corn, and is stewed for a considerable length of time regularly with chicken, pork, or veggies. It is ordinarily cooked and stewed for a considerable length of time – regularly overnight – with the goal that the hominy has had an opportunity to diminish up and the meat can truly begin to season the stock. Distinctive herbs and flavors are added to change the flavors and it for the most part implies that it comes in different colors and levels of spice– white, green, or red. But don’t fill that bowl up all the way when you serve it! Leave a lot of room for fresh toppings, which is one of the things that makes pozole so special. Typical toppings include big handfuls of lettuce, radish and onion. Don’t forget the lime, oregano, and chile!.

7. Guilt-Free Chilli

guilt free chilli

A lip-smacking blend of kidney beans, chillies, cheese, tomatoes and chicken to go with baked bread or nachos.

8. Torta Cubana

torta cubana

There’s something extremely unique about spreading beans, avocados, onions and mayo on a delicate warm bread and layering pretty much anything inside. However, the Torta Cubana is the supreme “everything sandwich” in my opinion – just add every kind of meat and cheese along with some crunchy thick pickles, and viola! Very very good, but only for people with a big appetite!

9. Tamales


There are numerous, a wide range of assortments of tamales. Most ordinarily, they come wrapped inside corn husks or banana leaves, depending on where they originate. The corn masa blend is typically wrapped inside huge corn husks. Contingent upon your mind-set, you may pick one that is substantial, fiery, or even sweet. There are tamales that possess a flavor like pineapples, green salsa with chicken, chorizo (wiener), and some that are sweet and pink, similar to treats. When you purchase a tamale off of the road, you may likewise need to have a go at washing it down with “atole,” a thick hot chocolate-seasoned drink produced using watery cornstarch, the by-product of tamale-making.

10. Red Snapper Vera Cruzana

red snapper

Dig into soft flaky fillets of baked Red Snapper, a Mexican favorite. Coat the fillets with a spicy tomato sauce – a riot of flavours for your palate.

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