Judge Steve Harvey Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Updates That You must Know That!

Steve Harvey has always wanted to be a judge, an idea that he says struck him when he was  12 years old. Despite parents encouraging their children to talk about their dreams and pursue them later in life, he never spoke to a soul about it, and he has never sat in a law class to actualize his dream either, nor has he discussed it with any of his teams. Several years later, Steve is playing the judge in “Judge Steve Harvey,” the limited series that ABC Released a while back. Not having a degree always does not set him back as he is seen in action, solving the disputes in the best ways he knows while still getting to his comedian side.

Judge Steve Harvey Season 2 Release Date:

As confirmed by ABC, the unscripted series is coming back, and fans cannot wait to watch Steve Harvey in his natural element, not stressing to crack a joke. The first season premiered on January 4th, 2022, and it has gained recognition from fans, standing on a  9/10 on IMDB. Casting calls for the second season have already started as production is scheduled to begin in Mid-May.

The previous season had nine episodes, each with a run time of 42 minutes and the second season might be an improvement of the first or remain constant. If production finishes in due time, we should expect the series to be out by mid-2023.

Judge Steve Harvey Season 2 Plot:

The show is not one of the scripted legal shows but involves real-life people with their own sets of issues that they present to the judge, Steve Harvey. The issues brought to court are not limited to a specific topic. It ranges from marriage to divorce from friendships and every agreement possible, and the diversity is what keeps it fresh.

Steve does not judge the cases alone as he employs the help of Nancy, his trusted Bailiff, to help home reason and brainstorm, and of course, Steve uses his intuition and logic to come up with the perfect solutions for the arguments. We are yet to receive an outline of how the second season will go down but being that Steve Harvey is still going to be the judge, brace yourself for the best time of your lives.

Judge Steve Harvey Season 2 Cast:

Just like the series name suggests, Judge Steve Harvey is the show’s protagonist, the show’s center. Unlike all the other judges from some of the most famous judicial shows like Judge Judy, Harvey has never been in a law class; therefore, he has no background in legal matters. However, his not having credentials is compensated by his ability to pull his experiences and rules in determining who is right and wrong. The Bailiff, Nancy Price, gives the audience the necessary instructions before the start of each episode.

Judge Steve Harvey Season 2 Trailer:

As of May 14th, the second season’s trailer is yet to be released, and we will have to wait for updates from the showrunners to be sure if it is ever going to get here. In the meantime, you can binge-watch other tv shows that Steve Harvey has featured in, like Celebrity Family Feud, Little big Shits, and Steve On Watch.

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