Josh Groban presents his new album Harmony on Scala Radio!

On the morning of November 22, sensational global artist Josh Groban teamed up with two other artists Chris Rogers and Emma Kenny on Scala Radio, and talked about his recent album release Harmony and two new live-stream concerts set for Thanksgiving and Christmas 2020.

Josh described how he remotely recorded music in London with the orchestral players during the lockdown. However, the orchestra artists present at LA, and he was very keen to see all the chunks combined and composed as a whole, and that’s why he named it Harmony.

He said that he is willing to sing multiple songs that had been his long time favorite. He added that he started to gather songs on his hit list and his fans too.

A multi-platinum album selling artist, Josh Gorban is present in several musical theatre productions, movie music tracks, worked with Celine Dion and Sara Bareilles. He also made his debut as a lead role in the TV drama The Good Cop on Netflix.

The 39-year-old singer-songwriter stated that it was the most challenging album process he ever had in his career. The album features classics covers, comprising ‘Impossible Dream,’ ‘Angels,’ and ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me.’ It also includes original collaboration with Kirk Franklin, Leslie Odom Jr., and Sara Bareilles.

Josh Groban is going to perform online live-streamed concerts on 26th November for Christmas and 19th December for Thanksgiving. For more details about his events, visit his site:

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