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James Droz is a TikTok Star from Oklahoma best known for his catchphrase “What Happened?” He rose to fame with his unique analysis commentary on Pro and College Sports. With over 1.2 million followers and 9.3 million likes on TikTok, he became a sensual TikTok influencer. Mostly, people loved his content due to James’s authentic enthusiasm for sports and his iconic catchphrase. He is a sports fan and talks about all kinds of sports. James has sports cult followers that made him famous on social media. His popularity was often paid for by joining the sports broadcast team, drafts, and even playing with real sports stars.

James Droz Early Life

Full Real Name James Droz
Profession TikTok Star
Date Of Birth September 5th, 2002
Age 20
Birthday September 5th
Year Of Birth 2002
Current Residence Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Country United States

James Droz was born on September 5, 2002, in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, United States. Currently, James is 20 years old.

James Droz Education

High School Bartlesville High School

James Droz is a Bartlesville High graduate. After graduation, he does not want to study more, instead focusing on earning more money.

James Droz Family

Father Jerry Droz
Mother Susan Hainzinger

James Droz lives in Bartlesville with his mother, Susan Hainzinger, and his father Jerry Droz. He has one sibling brother.

James Droz Zodiac Sign

Sun Sign Virgo

James is a Virgo. Virgo people are down-to-earth, nurturing, and ambitious people. They are also the people’s people.

James Droz Physical Stats

There are no exact physical stats available for James Droz. As a special needs kid, he is different from others in his physical state.

James Droz Relationship Status

Marital Status single

James Droz is single. It was never publicly discussed whether James had any relationship in the past.

James Droz Career

From early childhood, James Droz was a sports fan. According to his mother, he loved sports and participated in every event. His craze for sports, unfiltered in-detail analysis of plays, and breakdown helped him become a social sports influencer. 

In October 2021, he started posting on TikTok. Currently, his account has a followers of 1.2 million and gets around 9.3 likes on his videos. James another USP of creating the sports buzz by his catchphrase ‘What’s happened?’ That led to gaining more attention among sports followers.

With his social media popularity, James got a real chance to play with the Bartlesville team. However, he couldn’t play with the team due to his physical condition. But got the chance to coach the team with his detailed sports analytics. He also appeared in many sports broadcasts on television to give his opinion and represented draft seasons.

James Droz Controversy

‘What’s happened?’ TikTok star James Droz was in a controversy for his dig at the NFL. His honest and unfiltered reviews on gameplay and players led him to suspend his TikTok around in 2022. In which he had around 900,000 followers. The reason behind the suspension of James’ account is said to be a violation of platform policies. In return, fans of James were upset and threatened to leave social media as well. Ultimately, with the support of his fans, he was able to get his TikTok account back.

James Droz Social Media Presence


James Droz is active on social media. With TikTok, he has a following of 1.2 million followers with 9.3 million likes @jamesdroz. On Instagram, he has his official account, James.droz.9, with 85.3k followers.

James Droz Net Worth

Net Worth $50K
Source Of Income Social media Career

James Droz’s current net worth is estimated at over $50K. He earned this net worth by being a social influencer, appearing on the sports Broadcast channel, and selling his merch.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did James Droz Start his TikTok Account?

James Droz started his TikTok in October 2021. With 1.2 million followers, he gives detailed analytics on the gameplay.

What is James Droz’s Catchphrase?

James Droz is a sports influencer. His catchphrase ‘What Happened?’ helped him to gain followers.

Did James Droz Play?

James Droz got a chance to play soccer for the Bartlesville team when the team officials came to meet him in his hometown and offered him a chance to play for Bartlesville.

Did James Droz TikTok Account get Suspended?

In 2022, James Droz’s TikTok got suspended due to his commentary on the NFL. The reason behind his suspended account is said to be a violation of platform policy. But with the support of his fans, he soon regained his TikTok account.

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