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Internet celebrity Jack Doherty is known for his viral videos and hilarious pranks. His “daredevil” feats and pranks have made him famous in water parks, trampoline parks, bridges, and cliffs, as well as in stores and amusement parks. On several occasions, he has been in trouble with the law when his buddies and associates have called the police on him for different unlawful activities. In addition, an 11-year-old child who lived in the same neighborhood swatted him many times. Currently, he may be found in Los Angeles, California.

His 2016 debut of a channel on YouTube under his name was largely responsible for his meteoric rise to stardom. In addition, his YouTube channel went viral after posting videos of himself performing various physical feats, trick shots, flip tricks, and trampoline stunts. When it comes to American YouTubers, he is among the best and most watched. So, let’s talk about Jack Doherty’s fortune and biography immediately.

Jack Doherty Early Life:

Full Real Name Jack Doherty
Family Name Doherty
Profession Youtuber
Date Of Birth October 8th, 2003
Age 19 years old
Birthday October 8th
Year Of Birth 2003
Nick Name Jack
Current Residence USA
Country USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity

Jack Doherty entered the world on October 8, 2003, in the United States. He was born in the United States and was raised as a Christian. We also don’t know very much about Jack’s early life.

Jack Doherty Education:

Highest Qualification High School
University N/A
College N/A
High School Local high school

After calibrated from a local high school in the United States, he is now a fully educated adult. Following that, he enrolled in a private college in the United States, where he is now continuing his education. He has always had a fondness for athletics and a desire to share his skills with the world via the internet. Nonetheless, we are focusing an eye on things and will improve Jack’s schooling once we get more data.

Jack Doherty Family:

Father Mark Doherty, Sr.
Mother Anna Doherty
Brothers Michael Doherty
Sisters Joanna
Grandfather N/A
Grandmother N/A
Relatives Name N/A

Mark Doherty, Sr., his Irish father, is his biggest fan. To his mother’s dismay, he permits him to engage in several activities she strongly disapproves of. His Polish mother, Anna Doherty, is an outspoken critic and has expressed extreme displeasure at some of his films. But she still has her son’s back and will defend him if he’s ever swotted or accused of wrongdoing.

Michael Doherty, his brother, has been both critical and encouraging. He has both participated in and commented negatively on some of Jack’s videos. In addition, he is the only family member that objects to being videotaped without his knowledge or consent. There’s also a sibling in the family; her name’s Joanna, and he does too. Jack has two dogs, both males named Cash and Major. 

Jack Doherty Signs:

Sun Sign Libra
Star Sign Libra
Birth Sign Duality N/A
Birth Sign Modality N/A

The year 2022 marks Jack Doherty’s 18th year of life; he was born on October 8, 2003. Our investigation makes us believe that Jack Doherty’s astrological sign is Libra.

Jack Doherty Physical Stats:

Weight In Kg 62 kg
Weight In Lbs 136 lbs
Height In Feet 5′ 6″
Height In Meter 1.7 m
Measurement Not Found
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Shoe Size N/A
Tattoo No

Jack Doherty is an intelligent, dashing, and good-looking young man. He has a regular body type and exceptional body dimensions, making for a very handsome and powerful figure. In addition, he weighs roughly 45 kg and is about 5 feet and 1 inch tall. He wears short blonde hair for a trendy look, and his eyes are a stunning dark brown. 

Relationship Status of Jack Doherty:

Spouse Name N/A
Sons N/A
Daughters N/A
No Of Children N/A
Marital Status single
Partner Name N/A
Relationship Status N/A

Internet celebrity Jack Doherty is known for his viral videos and hilarious pranks. On the other hand, Jack is quite secretive about his personal life. Therefore, Jack’s dating history is a topic of investigation. Nobody knows if Jack is taken, in a relationship, or a father. But as soon as new details regarding Jack’s romantic life become available, we’ll add them here.

Jack Doherty Career:

Internet celebrity Jack Doherty is known for his humorous videos and practical jokes. On September 29, 2016, Jack Doherty released his debut video to his self-titled channel on YouTube, which he had created on July 14, 2016. The video, entitled “Marker Flip Twice in a Row!!! “depicts him successfully doing this feat twice in a row. With that video’s help, he could attract his first 100 subscribers, setting the stage for rapid expansion in the future. Quickly and slowly, his channel’s popularity skyrocketed, and each of his videos began to get tens of thousands of views. As of March 2018, the video with the most views had 18 million. The video, titled “I Flipped All These,” was posted on YouTube on January 13, 2017, and features Jack successfully flipping various things (from markers to water bottles to Total Home boxes).

Other viral videos of his include “Floor is lava challenge at Walmart! *Cops Called*,” “Singing ‘Despacito’ on the Walmart intercom! (Kicked out”), “Flips for a kiss in the mall,” “Singing ‘Rockstar’ on the Walmart intercom! (Kicked out”), and “Floor is lava challenge at Walmart!” Doherty seems to be a huge fan of the prominent YouTubers Jake Paul and Logan Paul, and his work often resembles theirs. His athleticism allows him to amaze his fans with daring feats of strength and speed. Successful flips began to fall into place for him at the tender age of seven. Members of his family occasionally make cameos on his channel. Mark Sr. and Michael Jr., Mark’s father, have done so. Jack often skips classes because he finds them boring and stressful, and he rationalizes this behavior by saying it makes for a fantastic video for his YouTube channel. 

Because of his persistent attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), he frequently finds himself in hot water at school for disruptive behavior, including talking back to instructors and wandering off task. He had 27 absences from school without a sufficient cause, which he disclosed in his “Skipping the last day of school” video. Additionally, Jack has made an album with Ireland Boys Productions.

In sum, Jack Doherty has everything it takes to become an established YouTube personality and prankster.

Jack Doherty Controversy:

Like his YouTube heroes, Jake and Logan Paul, Jack Doherty has made drastic efforts to increase his viewership. Several of his movies include him getting removed from retail establishments like Walmart and Target for disruptive conduct. After relocating to Los Angeles, he sparked even more outrage with actions that disturbed many locals. Because of it, he altered his conduct, which deflected some of his criticism.

Jack Doherty released a video on March 30, 2018, titled “EXPOSING NINJA!” In [1], he describes how Ninja messaged Jack privately, asking him to remove the contribution video he made for Ninja. Ninja threatened Jack with a strike on his channel if he didn’t remove the video. After Jack deleted the video, Ninja began ignoring him on Twitter. Initially, Ninja did reveal that he had returned Jack’s exclusive gift and was ordered to remove the video.

Jack Doherty Social Appearance:


Many of Jack Doherty’s fans like her antics since she is a popular YouTuber and prankster. In addition, his @Jack.doherty Instagram account is quite popular, with 453,000 followers. Moreover, he has 3.43 Million subscribers on YouTube.

Jack Doherty Net Worth:

Net Worth $1.5 Million
Assets N/A
Annual Earnings N/A
Source Of Income Youtube

The amount of Jack Doherty’s assets minus his debts is his net worth. Jack’s assets include his residences, automobiles, several bank accounts, and cash. Shares of stock and bonds are additional financial assets that contribute to Jack Doherty’s wealth.

You have also heard of Jack Doherty and are interested in learning about his wealth. In light of this confusion, we’d like to set the record straight and say that Jack Doherty has acquired a net worth of $1.5 million thanks to his successful career as a YouTuber and Prankster. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Jack Doherty?

Internet celebrity Jack Doherty is known for his viral videos and hilarious pranks.

What is the height and weight of Jack Doherty?

Jack weighs roughly 45 kg and is about 5 feet and 1 inch tall. 

What is the net worth of Jack Doherty?

Jack Doherty has acquired a net worth of $1.5 million thanks to his successful career as a YouTuber and Prankster. 

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