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The show is pretty much about what it sounds like; it spotlights the contract killer’s world! The show revolves around two best friends, trying to make some money, only they happen to kill people for a living! Season one was more like an appetizer for the audience, which hinted that the makers might be planning for the long run. Season one only had six episodes of 22 minutes each, and all of them landed at once on Sky UK on 25th March 2020. Season one received mixed reviews, somewhere disappointed and stated that the show was disappointing and made the mood worst during the lockdown. Some said that the show was worth watching, and it was hilarious, but they need to stick around with patience for the show to open up slightly. After the ending of season 1, viewers were confused if they will have a second season after such a short opening; well, you can find all about the second installment here! 

Hitmen Season 3 Renewed: Is there going to be another series?

The show’s third season has yet to be confirmed by Sky, and neither Giedroyc nor Perkins have commented on it.

Before announcing the show’s future, Sky will most likely wait to see how the new series is received.

Each episode airs on Sky Comedy on Tuesday nights at 8.30 p.m., and each episode is also available to watch on NOW.

Season three will most likely premiere at the end of 2022, according to this timeline.

Hitmen season 2 Release Date: Is it renewed?

Yup, Mel and Sue are returning for Hitmen season 2. After landing on 25th March on Sky, the show was released in the US on Peacock on 6th August 2020. We know most of you are here, reading this because you binge-watched the whole season and now looking for updates on season 2. Good news for you, Sky greenlit the second season back in August and also stated that they are planning on releasing it in 2021. Giedroyc said that the whole team is excited for season 2. Season one left the audience on a cliffhanger, which means that there is more to come. Makers are planning to start filming in the new year, which means that we might get to see season 2 in 2021.

Season 2 of “Hitmen,” titled “Hitmen: Reloaded,” will premiere in the United Kingdom on September 29, 2021. While Peacock has yet to assure a release date in the United States, this indicates that the series is ready to go and should premiere sooner rather than later. Most likely, the show will return to Peacock before the end of the year. Subscribers should keep their eyes peeled. However, we will make every effort to keep this space updated as new information becomes available.

The last episode of Season 2 is telecasted on October 13, 2021. It consists of 6 episodes.

Hitmen season 2 Cast: Who will return?

Joe Parham and Joe Markham are the show producers, and we got to know that they discussed the Production of the show with Gierdroyc and Perkins. Since the show mainly revolves around Fran and Jamie, it is undoubted that Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc will return to reprise their roles. This duo was already famous for The Great British Bake Off. Both these actors quit the show and protested its shift from BBC to Channel 4. Other than these two main stars of the show, we are also expecting the return of Sian Clifford, Jason Watkins, and Asim Chaudhary.

Myfanwy Moore, Morwenna Gordon, and Siobhan Bachman are the executive producers of Hitmen. All the cast members will follow all the precautions to prevent themselves from COVID-19; thus, there are high chances of a delay in the release date of season 2.

Hitmen Season 2 Plot

Hitmen Season 2 Plot: What is it about?

The foundation of season 2 has already been laid. We saw in season one, BFFs Fran and Jamie mostly chat in their van until they get orders from a mysterious boss names Mr. K. The fun actually begins when the duo screw up on their job as they are highly incompetent, which results in various mishaps. Season one ended with a twist; their mysterious boss sent Nikhil, a deadly assassin, to go on a mission with our leading duo. Things took a turn when Nikhil invited Fran to work with him, and then Mr. K. Orders Nikhil and Fran to kill Jamie. Our protagonists ran away, and season 2 will continue from there, we might get to see Nikhil chasing the two to spill their blood!

Hitmen Season 2 Trailer:

We are waiting for news on the season 2 trailer. You will be informed in two shakes of a lamb’s tail whenever we get any update! In the meantime, give a watch to season one’s trailer to get the basic idea of the show.

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