“Cobra Kai” Scores #1 On US Netflix Streaming Chart Following Release Of Season 3!

Cobra Kai had a lot of fans when it was on Google’s SVOD service. Now, its transfer from YouTube to Netflix has introduced the show to millions of new fans.

The first two seasons also landed on Netflix recently. Creators are taking advantage of fresh excitement among the audience. This is the reason why season three is landing just a few months after the release of previous seasons on Netflix.

The previous seasons moved to Netflix over the summer. Undoubtedly, it was the correct decision as the fans are loving the new season. Kobra Kai season three has sent the US Netflix Streaming chart of the roof.

The third installment landed on 1st January 2021. Now it is holding the #1 spot in terms of Friday’s streaming activity.  Kobra Kai 3 is on the top spot, and Bridgerton is on #2. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is holding the #3 spot with ‘Death to 2020’ on its tail. We Can Be Heroes is #4.

Season 2 concluded with High School Karate brawls, and Miguel took a massive fall. A fall that winded him up in a coma. Season 3 is mainly about the aftermath of that school fight, Kreese’s ever-expanding influence, Johnny’s self-hatred spiral, Miguel’s road to recovery, Miyagi-Do’s redemption, and a lot more!

Kobra Kai season 3 has ten episodes. In the first episode, we see that Miguel is still in a coma, and Johnny is not handling the situation very well. He is getting drunk and in brawls because of the guilt he has about Miguel’s condition.

It has been quite some time without a tournament in the show. This proves that smart writing, good storytelling, and more in-depth exploration of characters is the formula of effortless entertainment.

Every fan who watched the first season of Kobra Kai has not turned his or her back to the show. The show does not take you on a single journey, but all the characters are on their specific journeys. The choices that the characters make are made as believable as possible, which add to the long list of qualities that keep the fans glued to the screens.

It indeed was an excellent start to 2021 for the creators, actors, and fans. If you haven’t watched the third installment yet, take a look at the trailer of season 3.

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