Guilty Party Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything About It!

Guilty Party is a dark comedy series adapted from a screenplay by Rebecca Adelman, a famous writer, and producer for shows like New Girl (2013). The series tells the story of Beth Burgess, a journalist who got fired after fabricating a quote. In the quest to prove that she is one of the best journalists and should get her job back, Beth decides to tell the story of Toni, a black woman who has been locked up with the offence of killing her husband, something she denies. But will Beth manage to salvage her reputation, or her desire to prove that she is exceptional will blind her from telling the story in an objective view?

Guilty Party Season 2 Release Date: When Will it Premiere?

The streaming service has yet to announce whether the series has been renewed for the second season or received the dreaded chop. However, we may remain hopeful as it can take months to get the status of a series despite how big or well it may have performed. Despite Paramount being a new platform that needs to get a loyal following by keeping shows, it’s not automatic to renew the Guilty Party series as it has yet to blow out, as the reviews predict. The odds are that the show’s renewal will rely on factors beyond Paramount, like how the audience interacts with the show and how many subscribed to Paramount just for the show. If the series blows up and gets renewed for the second season, then it may be here in 2023.

Guilty Party Season 2 Cast: Who is appearing in this series?

The three main casts gave the show such a surreal feel and touch, and they will probably be back to reprise their roles if the second season gets renewed. Kate Beckinsale, the gorgeous actress famous for featuring series like Underworld and Serendipity, starred as Beth Burgess, the journalist. Madeleine Arther played Amber and Djouliet Amara as Lulu. Other casts include Geoff Stults, Jules Latimer, Tiya Sircar, Alanna Ubach (Crossing Swords), Laurie Davidson, and Andre Hyland. We should expect new faces to feature in the drama-filled show next season.

Guilty Party Season 2 Premise: What is it all about?

Beth Burgess realizes that a tarnished reputation does not necessarily mean you have to sit in the corner and bawl about things beyond your control. She decides to bring back her lost glory by focusing on an interesting feature story about a youthful mother. The latter strongly repudiates the allegation of ending the life of the significant other. She has to get the woman’s side of her story, detect any leeway that may reveal the woman is lying, or be the judge or character while still observing objectivity. Beth may have gotten herself in a twisted story, nothing like she ever imagined, as the case keeps getting mysterious with every interview.

Guilty Party Season 2 Trailer: When can we watch it?

Guilty party second season is yet to get the green light from the production company, and a second season trailer seems so farfetched. However, season one of the crime series is out, and you can stream it on YouTube and Paramount. With ten refreshing episodes, popcorn on the couch on a rather slow weekend is not such a bad idea. Paramount being the home of famous hits, it also has famous crime dramas such as The Equalizer, Blue Bloods, and Evil that you can check out.

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