Girls with Guns Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, And All Other Information!

Robert and Michelle King signed a deal with CBS to create a military series, Girls with Guns, in 2018. It has been almost four years since the signing, but we have not received any updates regarding the series’ development. The series was initially set on Showtime six years ago, but reports reveal that it has undergone several incarnations different from the plot that was released then. David Stapf, CBS television President, commented that working with the couple is a privilege. He also added that they are thrilled to work with the two couples and expect a lot of collaborations with them.

Girls with Guns Season 1 Release Date: When Will It Air?

 A release date for the Girls with Guns series is yet to be set, and at the moment, we are not sure when the series will be released. The announcement came in 2018, and since the couple has been busy on other projects, this may be the sole reason why we still do not have the series’ first season. 2022 might be a good year for the Kings fans.

Girls with Guns Season 1 Plot: What will happen?

The upcoming series is a spinoff of the Couples “Good Wife” series that is premiering on CBS and has over six seasons. The forthcoming series will, however, focus on a brave American Girl with a happy family.

Soon enough, their family is forced to move, and they relocate to one of the places where women are supposed to join the military; Israel. She gets stationed at the border and has to learn to be alert and prompt at all times. Being stationed at the border also comes with its risks; soon enough, she starts seeing things that are way out of this world.

Girls with Guns Season 1 Cast: Who will be in?

So far, CBS has yet to announce the characters portraying the brave American girl, the family, or the colleagues she will be stationed with at the border. The series will be written by Robert and Michelle King, a couple who collaborated with CBS over the years.

They have written a few shows, including The Good Wife, The Good Fight, and Your Honor, that has been doing relatively well. The two have co-created and executively produced their series for almost 20 years, and we believe they will do the same for this series. The casting announcement will be updated once the series creators and the distributing channel come up with the potential cast.

Girls with Guns Season 1 Trailer: Is There A Trailer For Girls With Guns?

The Girls with guns CBS series is yet to receive a trailer, and we do not know how long it will take before we see the military female delve into the land of the supernatural. The series announcement came in 2018, and communication of the series development has gone under the radar. We are not even sure if the series will be receiving a trailer or a teaser before the year ends.

There are, however, several other series you can watch that highlight the girls with guns plot. Some of the series with female protagonists that handle guns are Lucy which you can watch with a Netflix subscription, and Our Girl, a military series distributed by RLJ Entertainment. You can also watch the series Spinoff, the Good Wife, a show that has seven seasons and is available on CBS.

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