Future’s Ex-Girlfriend Lori Harvey is Dating Michael B. Jordan; Travel Together To Her Hometown Before Thanksgiving!

Recently a new couple is heating up on social media. The actor named Michael B. Jordan and her girlfriend Lori Harvey offers his fans fizzy dating vibes as they were captured together a day before their traveling thanksgiving holidays. If you look into Lori’s love life, you felt surprised to know that this tv-show host’s daughter usually rises for the high end, borderline risky types and exotics relationship when it comes to dating. Lori’s ‘list’ supposedly includes Trey Songz, a Dutch soccer player named Memphis Depay, Justin Combs, and Diddy.

The most exciting scene had to be the king of the streets named rapper Future. The 23-year-old Lori and her ex named rapper Future shared many fizzy moments when they traveled to Jamaica to get engaged on her birthday last January. Yet, things were getting out of control a few months later as Future spotted with musical star Dess Dior, which resulted in the latest spotting of the Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan.

The two were captured in full sweats joggers when they were boarding their vehicular transport in Atlanta. She was also holding a pillow in her hand, indicating that things got pretty excited in first class with a fantastic holiday.
It is reported that Steve Harvey recently bought a house in Atlanta.

The latest Peoples Sexiest Man Alive is a more take-home date than her last partner. If she and the actor’s rumors are probably right, it should be interesting to watch just how long this relationship runs. Now Lori merely is pleasing her glory days.

This relationship between Lori and ‘Static Shock’ star Michael is still unclear. Regardless, Twitter was overflowing with congratulations as Michael had just been included in PEOPLE’s “Sexiest Man Alive” of 2020.

Lori comes into the limelight over the past two years because of her high-profile romances. Firstly it was starting with the engagement Memphis Depay, 26. After the end of this relationship, Lori jump on to Justin Combs in 2018. After a cozy romance with Trey Songz, she linked with Sean “Diddy” Combs, 51 — yes, you read right, in her ex’s dad!!
Future eventually entered her picture after sparking rumors of their dating in Oct. 2019. Now this new twist in Lori’s love life has been enthusiastically followed by her fans.

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