‘On My Block’ Spin-off ‘Freeridge’: Netflix Release Date, Cast, Plot And All Updates!

Investing in a series only to get a final episode in season 4 can be heartbreaking, but what if the creators provided a spin-off to your favorite show? Netflix has been a home for most of the original teen shows, such as 13 reasons why, with 4 seasons showing on Netflix. Sex Education (the sex comedy), Never Have I Ever, and On my Block are some of the most-watched teenage drama shows on Netflix. However, not all the teen shows get to be renewed for the second season, as we saw “Everything Sucks” get canceled before we could get a renewal of the first season. Netflix has announced that On My Block will be getting a spin-off in the new series Freeridge. The final series on On My Block was released on 4th October 2021, and Freeridge could be a continuation of how the plot could have gone had it gotten a 5th Season.

Freeridge Season 1 Release Date: When will it air?

Freeridge season 1 was announced on Sept 27th, just before the final episode of On My Block premiered. When Season 1 of Freeridge is released, the creators and the official streaming network are yet to be communicated. On My Block released its three seasons consecutively yearly in March, but the fourth was released in October 2022 due to the ravaging pandemic. With the fourth season being released in October, we could expect its spin-off to be released a year later, sometime in 2022. If the filming of the shows starts earlier in 2022, we should expect the drama series to grace our screens no late than November.

Freeridge Season 1 Cast: Who can be in?

Lauren Lungerich, On My Block creator, will be helped by Eddie Gonzalez and Jeremy Haft in writing the spin-off. Netflix recently confirmed four casts that will be starring in the yet-to-be-released series, Freeridge. The drama series will star Bryana Salaz, famous for “The Voice” season 7 and ‘Team Kaylie”. Kela Monterroso from the animated series  “Growing Fangs” will also feature in the upcoming series. She is also expected to be cast in “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Ciara Riley, the Athena in “Kim Possible” and Gabrielle Union’s partner in ‘L.A’s Finest, will also be on board in the upcoming drama series.

Freeridge Season 1 Plot: What will happen?

On My Block Season 4 Plot

Since the series is a spin-off of On My Block, it will most definitely follow the lives of the four characters who appeared in the fourth and final season of On My Block. Freeridge will give a new perspective of The L.A Neighborhood with the new characters ending up in different adventures, which could be more intense than its mother series. After realizing they could be the cause of a curse, the actors going on adventures is a more soft topic than the profoundly rooted gang violence, deaths, and emotional damage summarized on the On My Blocks plot. The new series will still focus on this topic, but it will not delve as much into it as the former.

Freeridge Season 1 Trailer: When can we watch it?

A trailer of Freeridge is yet to be released by Netflix, but it will stream once the new series is nearing its debut. However, you could catch up on the on My Block series to have an idea of the possible Freeridge Cast and because On My Block is a masterpiece that you should not miss out on. All four seasons of the teenage drama series are streaming on Netflix. Here you can watch the On My Block trailer:

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