Everything’s Trash Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Everything You Need To Know!

You would think everybody in their 30s has their lives figured out and knows what adulthood entails. The series Everything’s Trash is here to prove to you that not everybody has their lives together, just as is depicted by the protagonist phoebe. Everything’s Trash is a drama series by Phoebe Robinson and an adaptation of her New York bestselling Novel of the same name. The series explores the flaws and the uncertainty that comes with adulthood and the roles friends and family playing the growing up of a person. Let’s dive in on everything you should know!

Everything’s Trash Season 2 Release Date: When will it air on streaming platform?

The series is yet to be renewed for the second season and up until now, it is hard determining whether we will be given the luxury to binge on the second part of the show. The series pilot episodes were released on the 13th of July and all the other episodes are scheduled for a weekly basis release. The average rating of the series in IMDB is 3.7/10, which is below average but considering it is only the first season, the rating might go up. In case the rating takes an uptrend then high chances are that the series will be renewed and it might have the exact number of episodes as the first one. A second season might be ready in 2023.

Everything’s Trash Season 2 Cast: Who is in the cast?

Phoebe Robinson the series Protagonist plays Phoebe young woman who has not figured it her life fully. She is a writer in real life and has featured in series like What Men Want and I Love Dick. She is the sister of Jayden (Jordan Carlos), the politician in the series.

Other casts include Toccara Cash as Maliki, Nneka Okafor as Jessie, Moses Storm as Michael, Brandon Jay McLaren as Hamilton, Farah Felisbret as Aisha, and June Diane (Grace and Frankie) as Raphael. In case the drama series meets the requirements for renewal then we expect most of the casts to be reprised their roles.

Everything’s Trash Season 2 Plot: What will happen?

Knowing how the story of the free-spirited woman will evolve is a tough nut to crack at the moment considering the episodes are still dropping. A recap of the first season will, however, leave you begging for season two as early as the year ends. The series features a thirty-something-year-old who is yet to find her balance in the world. When Phoebe’s brother vies for the political seat and gets it, as a podcaster who works in the media and lives in Brooklyn, she is met with a reckoning decision and has to grow up fast and fit the politician’s sister’s description. Dealing with finances, her love life, career, and life in general, Phoebe is an example of a real-life example of a flawed person who tries to make themselves better.

 Everything’s Trash Season 2 Trailer

A trailer for the series is yet to be released and it might be long till we get the trailer for season two. The series episodes are dropped weekly, giving the fans all the reason to look up to a new week. If the series is renewed for another season, a trailer will be out in late 2022 or 2023. As we wait for the series trailer, keep abreast of the weekly episodes and similar series like Maggie, The Bear, God’s Favorite, and Loot.

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