Evan Peters Cast As Serial killer Cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer in New Netflix Series Monster !

Evan Peters will illustrate the role of infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, the man also recognized as the ‘Milwaukee Cannibal’ in an upcoming Netflix series Monster.

As per Deadline, director Ryan Murphy featured one of his best actors in Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer as the lead character. However, WandVision star- Peter’s performed many roles in Murphy’s American Horror Story, but this role may be the darkest yet.

This Netflix series will portray Jeffrey’s crimes after listening to the sufferers’ stories and investigating white privilege and tolerant treatment by law enforcement that nearly saw him and let him go at least ten times.

His assassination started in 1978 and ended in 1991, during which he killed at least 17 men and boys. Most of his crimes included cannibalism, necrophilia, and bones and body parts conservation. At the age of 34, his fellow prisoner beat him to death.

Additionally, many social media users are amazed by Peter’s subliminal look as Dahmer. In contrast, some believe that his portrayal of a real-life serial killer in Hollywood productions is getting terrific.

During that time, Peters’ fans were stunned to learn that he will play the role of Dahmer, as he had already talked about disturbed characters, which affects his mental health. In 2018, Evan said in GQ about his horrifying characters for American Horror Story, “It’s just exhausting. It’s really mentally draining, and you never want to go to those places in your life.”

The series pilot will be directed by Carl Franklin along with Janet Mock and compose many episodes.

Who Will Appear On Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer?

Apart from Evan Peter, another cast member is Niecy Nash, who will appear as Dahmer’s neighbor, Glenda Cleveland. He phoned the police multiple times and also tried to warn the FBI regarding the irregular attitude of Dahmer. Penelope Ann Miller and Richard Jenkins will feature Joyce and Lionel (mother and father of Dahmer). Shaun J Brown will play Tracy, the last victim of Jeffrey who succeeded to flee, and Colin Ford as Chazz’s character.

Nonetheless, this series will point more on how crimes were committed for more than a decade instead of other story details.

Ryan Murphy has high expectations from Monster after the success of his previous true-crime series.

Stay attuned to get more details about Netflix new series!

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