Watch: Ernie Ball Presents Misfits “Halloween” Cover featuring Frank Lero, Tim McIlrath, and Many More!

Halloween aura is at its peak as it’s been left only 24 hours, so get ready with your perfect Halloween costumes along with your binge-watching lists.

To upgrade your ambiance of Halloween, Ernie Ball comes out with his Misfits Halloween legendary cover, which featured “My Chemical Romance by Frank Iero,” “Rise Against by Tim McIlrath,” “MxPx by Mike Herrera,” and many more sensational tracks. A huge thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic that was putting out the musicians with their creativity on an extreme height. In the same scenario, Ernie Ball covered some legendary tracks along with their musician safely at home. In this spooky season, all the music fans are eagerly waiting for few sensational tracks that enhanced their festive mood.

That’s why Ball had decided to make a unique cover based on its Misfits legendary tracks.

Along with the above stars, Atom Willard and Ryan Bruce joined this iconic cover with their respective tracks Against Me! And Fluff.

This 2-minute cover featured the singer as McIlrath, guitarist as Iero and Bruce, and set up Willard’s drums. The few tracks that come together with this  striking cover are: Effects of Bats, Zombie hands, jack-o-Laterns, and many more.

This upcoming Halloween weekend stunned everyone by their entertaining performance on 30 October. The ultimate performances by the  member of MCR, MxPx, Rise Against, and Against me has been already out as streaming below:

Let’s enjoy along with the spooky tracks of this ultimate Halloween anthem by Ernie Ball and his Collab team on the coming Halloween on 31 October.

So Happy Halloween, and stay connected with us for more latest updates.

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