Top 10 Coffee Consumption Countries!

The most popular non-alcoholic drink is coffee, and International Coffee Day is celebrated on Ist October globally. It is one of widely consumed drink in the world. After Petroleum, coffee is the most exported product around the world. Typically, the different coffee-growing countries deliver distinguishing flavors, aromas, form, acidity, and texture. These flavor characteristics rely on genetic varieties and processing, but not only on the coffee-producing area. The drinking of coffee began in Yemen in the 15th century. 

Coffee is prepared after brewing the roasted coffee beans. Due to its caffeine content, it’s bitter, darkly colored, acidic in nature, and has a refreshing and strengthening impact on humans. Its commonly served as hot, chilled, and iced with sugar, sugar substitutes, milk, or cream to reduce coffee’s bitterness. The consumption of coffee for the long-term reduces the risk of diseases. The seeds of coffee were first roasted then brewed to prepared it for drinking. Let’s find out the customs of coffee and coffee consumption countries in the world:

10. Canada 

Average Consumption: 6.5 kilograms per capita (14 lbs.)

A non-European country, Canada is also on the list of the top ten coffee consumption countries. Canada provided one of the best coffee chains in the world, Tim Horton. There are popular coffee shops or houses in Canada. Due to cold weather, Canadian prefer hot brown coffee in their homes. 

Tim Horton Coffee Chain in Canada

9. Luxembourg 

Average Consumption: 6.5 kilograms per capita (14 lbs.)

Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries, but the love for coffee is tremendous here. Coffee shops serve both pure filter drip coffee and artisan beverages. It also serves two unique kinds of coffees lait Russe or Russian Milk. Mainly served the coffee with dessert.

Filter Drip Coffee Sereved In Luxembourg

8. Belgium 

Average Consumption: 6.8 kilograms per capita (15 lbs.)

Waffles and Beer both are the most famous combination found in Belgium. But Belgian has a great obsession with coffee with chocolate. They also grow the coffee plant in Congo and Rwanda to produce it. It is served as an espresso drink of sugar with cinnamon, cloves, and shredded lemon peel in Belgian coffee houses. The average intake of coffee cups is 1.35 per day.

Espresso Drink Served In Belgium

7. Switzerland 

Average Consumption: 7.9 kilograms per capita (17 lbs.)

The Swiss prepared a popular drink Luzerner Kafi with a combo of coffee and wine. Added sugar and red wine to light coffee. One of the most popular coffee-type espressos is also made by Swiss in the world. But filter coffee is less popular across Switzerland. Swiss took three cups of coffee per day. However, it is the most expensive beverage in Switzerland that is 4.64 US dollars.

Switzerland Espressos

6. Sweden 

Average Consumption: 8.2 kilograms per capita (18 lbs.)

The word Fika is used to take a long coffee break with cookies and pastries from work. Where you can do social gatherings or hang-out with colleagues. It becomes a style to live life, not only a drink to consume. Sweden citizens consume 9.5 days per year to enjoy a fikarast. It’s the most favorite time for workers. There are many cafeterias, and coffee shops are found to enjoy coffee in groups and alone. 

Sweden Coffee Consumption Country

5. Netherland

Average Consumption: 8.4 kilograms per capita (19 lbs.)

Netherland is situated in Europe’s Western part. The first European, Pieter van der Broecke, export Coffee from Mocha, Yemen, in 1616 AD. Netherland people consume 1.84 cups of coffee per day. It is served for Koffietijd with cakes and cookies at home. 

In the North and South Side, coffee is distributed with separate cultures. It is served with a single cookie as a sign of modesty in the north region. In the south region, coffee is served with “vlaai,” a sweet pie.

4. Denmark 

Average Consumption: 8.7 kilograms per capita (19 lbs.)

Denmark is part of a Nordic nation that is the king of coffee, but this country is the Danish prince of hot coffee. The intake of Denmark citizens is 1.46 cups of coffee per day. Traditionally, it is served during every meal and served with cakes, cookies, and sandwiches on special occasions. The word kaffeslabberas is used in Denmark, which indicates a social get-together where after-dinner cups of coffee with cakes are served. Frequently, people will be invited to the wedding coffee reception or bryllupskaffe on a wedding day.

Denmark Coffee

3. Iceland 

Average Consumption: 9 kilograms per capita (20 lbs.)

I think cold climate and hot coffee definitely have some relation and it is a good reason to stay inside in winter. Until 1987, Beer was not legalized, and wine is expensive in Iceland, so coffee has been the most popular social drink for a long time in the country. It is common to offer a cup of coffee to guests, and they have a usual answer, tíu dropar, or “ten drops,” which means that they only need a small cup of coffee. Icelanders drink five cups of coffee per day.

2. Norway 

Average Consumption: 9.9 kilograms per capita (22 lbs.)

In the 18th century, it was popular among wealthy Norwegians. The intake of coffee is more than three cups per day in Norway. Generally, People consume black coffee at breakfast and after dinner, served with dessert. You can try a cocktail karsk that is made with sugar, brewed coffee but strong in flavor. You can light it with alcohol. This place has coffee houses that are used to hang out and socialize.

Black Coffee Served In Norway

1. Finland 

Average Consumption: 12 kilograms per capita (26 lbs.)

On a per-person basis, the biggest consumer of coffee in the world is Finland. Approximately 14% of Finnish men and 6% of Finnish women consume 10 cups of coffee per day. The average intake is 4 to 5 cups of coffee. If you add children to this calculation, the consumption value of this country will be high. 

Finland is the only place where 10-minute coffee breaks for workers are legally mandatory. The lightly roasted coffees are the most popular way to drink, but dark and medium coffee is also served, and Decaffeinated coffee doesn’t exist in this nation.

1Finland26.45 pounds
2Norway21.82 pounds
3Iceland19.84 pounds
4Denmark19.18 pounds
5Netherlands18.52 pounds
6Sweden18 pounds
7Switzerland17.42 pounds
8Belgium15 pounds
9Luxembourg14.33 pounds
10Canada14.33 pounds
11Bosnia and Herzegovina13.67 pounds
12Austria13.45 pounds
13Italy13 pounds
14Brazil12.79 pounds
15Slovenia12.79 pounds
16Germany12.13 pounds
17Greece11.9 pounds
18France11.9 pounds
19Croatia11.24 pounds
20Cyprus10.8 pounds

Coffee, the world’s most popular drink, is liked by many. People drink it for stimulation so that they are excited about their work all day. I hope above mention data helps you to know how much coffee is consumed in which country.

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