Christmas on Mistletoe Farm: Released Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Other Updates That We Know!

With less than two months before Christmas, it is only natural that Netflix is getting into the Festive mood. They already have Christmas shows like Klaus, but that does not mean that the already available ones are enough. Adding to their list is Christmas on Miste Toe Farm, a Christmas show that highlights the life of a widower who inherits a farm during Christmas.

Unknown to him, moving to the farm might have some permanent decisions that he will have to make peace with. The show has been scheduled for a November release despite Christmas being almost forty days away. Here is everything we know about the upcoming Christmas series.

Christmas on Mistletoe Farm Release Date: When will it air?

According to IMDB, the Mistletoe series will be coming to our screens on the 23rd of November, and you do not want to miss out on the heartwarming show. Not so much information is available on the series; hence we do not know when the series announcement was made or where the show’s filming took place. The show will be over one hour and forty minutes, which could mean it will be a movie, not a series. The show will be available for streaming on Netflix, and you do not want to miss out.

Christmas on Mistletoe Farm Plot: What will happen?

The series plot focuses on the widowed father who inherits a farm during the festive season and decides to travel during the Festive season to be on the farm before returning to the city. Unknown to him, his kids love staying in the village and hatch a plan to convince the father to stay back at the farm. The series could explore how the man came to be widowed and how many kids he had.

It could also explore the possibilities of the father accepting to stay back in the village despite building a life in the city. It could also explore all the adjustments the father has to make now that they will be fully relocating to the village.

Christmas on Mistletoe Farm Cast: Who will appear?

Scott Garnham will be playing Matt Cunningham, and The actor has been featured in other series, including Billy Elliot, The Musical, and Les Miserable. The actor will be cast alongside Scott Paige as Beano, Ashley Jensen (After Life) as Ms. Fletcher, Celia Imrie (Better Things) as Miss Womble, Kathryn Drysdale as Miss Ashley, and Carolyne Pickles as Grandma. Pickles is famous for playing Shelley Williams in the Emmerdale series and DCI Kim in The Bill. Nick Owen Ford as Barney Postle, Steward Wright, Richard Price, Johnny Weldon, Simon Lipkin, Jack Chissick, Dexter Scott, Sydney Issit Ager, Jamie Chapman, David O’Reilly, and Intel Tomlinson.

Christmas on Mistletoe Farm Trailer: When will it release?

A trailer for the Christmas series is yet to be released, and we do not know how soon the trailer will be available. The series is scheduled for a 23rd November release date, and the trailer might be available before then, or we will have to watch the series to have an idea of what it entails.

As we await the series premiere, several other shows on Netflix will put you in the Christmas mood. Home for Christmas, Three Days of Christmas, Elves, Klaus, and Fireplace are some of the shows you may find interesting.

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