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A kind of distilled alcoholic liquid, Whiskey, is produced from fermented grain mixture or with distilling beer. Scottish Whiskey and Scotch is a type of distilled drink that is made in Scotland. Scotch, Irish Whiskey, bourbon, rye, Tennessee, and Japanese Whiskey are the six whiskey categories.

Several kinds of cereal are used for each variety, including barley, maize, rye, and wheat. Usually, Whiskey is ripened in wood barrels and made of burned white oak. There are three steps to produce Whiskey:

  • Distillation
  • Aging
  • Packaging

Whiskey has been a gourmet liquor for whiskey lovers, and it has a unique flavor, can be experienced in many ways, and warms you from inside. We decided to make a list of whiskeys and write about the best whiskey brands.

10. Craigellachie

Edition: 19 Years Old Single Cask
Type: Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Founded Year Of Brand: 1891
Brand Owner: Bacardi
Price: $214
ABV: 55.2%

This scotch distillery was produced at Aberlour, Banffshire. Currently, Dewar used it for blended whiskey. It released four editions in 2014: 13-years-old, 17-years-old, 19-years-old, and 23-years-old. The Speyside producer made this one-time edition Craigellachie 19 Years Old Single Cask. In contrast, most of the taste of this brand of Whiskey is considered fruity and floral. It matures at Sherry Butt cask with a second-filling for 19 years and tastes like creamy vanilla and malt sweetness with licorice and cinnamon.


9. Johnnie Walker

Edition: Blue Label
Type: Scotch Whisky
Founded Year Of Brand: 1820
Brand Owner: Diageo
Price: $229
ABV: 40%

Grocer John Walker first produced the Johnnie Walker Brand and sold it with Walkers Kilmarnock Whisky label. Blue label is known as one of the most sold brands of blended Whiskey. Its combination is soft, smooth and produces a sherry, vanilla, and honey flavor. It has a sweeter and lighter texture, which satisfies the market demands. It’s the premium blend to reproduce the taste and finishing of the aged whiskey blends. Till now, its 25 limited editions have been released. This expensive Whiskey is traded in a silk-lined box with an authenticity certificate.

Johnnie Walker

8. Glenmorangie

Edition: Grand Vintage Malt 1991
Type: Malt whiskey
Founded Year Of Brand: 1843
Brand Owner: Dr. Bill Lumsden
Price: $799
ABV: 43%

The limited-edition is the release of Glenmorangie’s Bond House No.1 Vintage package. This Grand Vintage single malt has been generated from an extraordinary fusion of two different whiskies, and one gives earthy with truffle taste carried from red Burgundy casks. The other delivers spice and sweetness that are made in oloroso sherry casks. The combination of both gives a tasty flavor. The outcome is a creamy plum texture, deep, smooth aromas, ripe fruits, and milk chocolate flavors.


7. The BenRiach Cask Strength Peated

Edition: Batch 2
Type: Single Malt Scotch Whiskey
Founded Year Of Brand: 1898
Brands Owner: Brown-Forman
Price: $90
ABV: 120.6%

Rachel Barrie produced the second batch of BenRiach cask strength with the blend of flavors that ripened in aged bourbon, aged oloroso sherry, and virgin oak casks. It delivers the taste of smoke and lemon or citrus on your palette. The addition of a few drops of water helps to balance the earlier flavors of peat.

6. The GlenDronach Kingsman

Edition: 1989 Vintage
Type: Scotch Whiskey
Founded Year Of Brand: 1826
Brands Owner: Brown-Forman
Price: $2000
ABV: 50.1%

The rarest bottle packed initially before the beginning of World War I in 1913. At that time, three friends bought this bottle, and each of them promised after returning, they open it. But only one came back safely, and he never opened it. It stays to showcase in the memory of their friendship. Dr. Rachel Barrie (GlenDronach distilleries master) and Matthew Vaughn (man Director) were first blended six casks of Oloroso sherry casks and further finished in Pedro Ximenez casks.

The GlenDronach Kingsman

5. The Glenfiddich

Edition: 21-Year-Old
Type: Single Malt Scotch Whiskey
Founded Year Of Brand: 1886
Brands Owner: William Grant and sons
Price: $196
ABV: 40%

This distillery matured for 21 years, originally reserved Caribbean rum for four months with bourbon casks. It contains rich flavors of vanilla sweet, Floral, banana, figs, toffee, new leather, and oak. Initially delivers the soft and dry texture with the spicy, smoky, oak, citrus, and ginger. At the international Spirits challenge, it is best selling and most awarded single malt whiskey.

4. Ardbeg Traigh Bhan

Edition: 19-year-old Batch 2
Type: Single Malt Scotch Whiskey
Founded Year Of Brand: 1815
Brands Owner: Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy
Price: $309
ABV: 46.2%

This 19-year-old edition now comes with the second batch in 2020. It’s the blend of a higher amount of ex-bourbon casks along with matured in Oloroso sherry casks. Its finishing character is long, smoked, with savory oak and cocoa powder. It smells like a first aid box with cough drops and antiseptic. Then zest of lemon and smoke. Uses malted barley to produce this brand distillery.

Ardbeg Traigh Bhan

3. The Glenlivet

Edition: 18-Year-Old
Type: Single Malt Scotch Whiskey
Founded Year Of Brand: 1824
Brands Owner: Pernod Ricard
Price: $144
ABV: 40%

This 18-year-old single malt is from Glenlivet distillery; this classic Speyside dram finished in a combo of American oak and sherry casks. At the International Wine and Spirits competition, the Glenlivet edition won two gold awards. Its aroma is fruity, and toffee with the taste of sweet orange gives the long texture of raisin and spice. The outcome of this single malt is balanced and elegant.

The Glenlivet

2. Old Pulteney

Edition: 21-Year-Old
Type: Malt Whiskey
Founded Year Of Brand: 1826
Brands Owner: InterBev (Inver House Distillers)
Price: $191
ABV: 46%

Old Pulteney finished in ex-bourbon casks with ex-Oloroso sherry casks and used the second fill of American oak along with Spanish oak’s first fill. This Old Pulteney edition won the 2012 World Whisky of the Year award by Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible. It is the third time when any Scottish whiskey achieved this prestigious award. Its blend delivers tinges of fruits and slightly aromatic with spice. It tastes like toffee, vanilla, baked apple with smokiness and a dry texture.

1. Glenfarclas

Edition: 17 Year Old
Type: Single Malt Scotch Whiskey
Founded Year Of Brand: 1836
Brands Owner: J. & G. Grant
Price: $120
ABV: 43%

This Glenfarclas distillery was introduced for the retail travel market and culminated in ex-Oloroso cask. Its essence is sophisticated, with hints of creamy toffee, sherried peels, dates, and peat notes. Its taste is drying nutmeg, cinnamon, sherried fruits, mixed peels, spicy, sweet, and smoky. It mixed in a pot with 100% malted barley. This brand yield a traditional Highland malt with a strong sherry impact.


To understand the taste, aroma, and refining flavor of whiskey depends on the various components of the formation of an alcoholic distillery: the barrels, the surrounding environment, and other combinations. When this making process is completed, the whiskey bottle is sealed and sold in the market.

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