Below Deck Med: Shocking Moments From Season 5 Reunion That Everyone Is Talking About!

Below Deck Mediterranean’s shocking season 5 aired its 20th episode on 12th October 2020. Many exciting and jaw-dropping events took place in the fifth installment of the show, and we might agree if you think that this cannot be outdone. But what if we tell you that the Wellington crew is coming together for the season 5 reunion. It is a piece of jaw-dropping news indeed but keep in mind that it is gonna be a virtual two-part reunion on 19th October at 9 pm ET/PT and the second part on 26th October 2020 at 9 pm ET/PT on Bravo.  

It indeed is excellent news; however, when no-one can stop themselves from talking about all the things that happened in season 5, it is undoubted that the crew is gonna talk about it too! We will have Andy Cohen as our host for the reunion, and season 5 yachties will join him from across the globe. Hannah Ferrier, Captain Sandy Yawn, Tom Checketts, Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran, Jessica More, Alex Radcliffe, Aesha Scott, Christine “Bugsy” Drake, Malia White, and Robert Westergaard will sit with Andy.  They will discuss all the shocking moments of the 5th season, including firing crew members and all the drama that went down. We expect the cast to talk about these five moments that are on everyone’s mind right now! 

The Charter Guest Spanx Fight

Charter guests getting into all sorts of drama is nothing new. However, the latest conflict involving charter guests was something else. In episode 15, charter guest Shanna stated that Michelle was wearing a Spanx, and in order to prove that Michelle was not wearing a Spanx, she showed her undergarments to Shanna. Even though Shanna apologized to Michelle, the two of them had an intense talk. Many of the members didn’t hear their argument, but those who did were bursting into laughter. This topic might come up in the reunion, and you will see season 5 cast members cracking jokes about it.

Kiko Lorran Got Fired! 

We all were angry and disappointed when chef Kiko was fired. The Vegas-themed dinner didn’t turn out to be very good for Kiko, and let’s be honest; it was a tearjerker episode. Instead of helping Kiko, Captain Sandy Yawn discouraged and upset Kiko even more! It was very shocking, and fans thought that this could not get any worse, but it did, and the next one was Hannah! 

Hannah Ferrier Got Fired!

Another essential character got fired. Malia white lost some of her fans because of what she did. Malia White reported Hanna’s possession of Valium and a CBD pen. Because of this, Captain Sandy fired Hannah; this was shocking enough, but then, the captain kept on hounding at her. Ultimately, social media was blowing up; fans didn’t hesitate to let their anger out on Captain Sandy Yawn and Malia, who turned Hannah in. There is no denying that Hanna’s departure will be discussed in the reunion. We will get to see the captain defending herself and the choices she made. Malia will also be questioned on her actions and how she felt when her boyfriend joined in to immediately replace Kiko, which was not very well taken by the audience. Not to forget, the reunion will have a pleasant atmosphere as Hannah is pregnant, and she will have her baby girl in October.


Malia’s boyfriend, Tom Checketts’ arriving time in the show was too perfect for the audience to digest as he entered just in time and replaced Kiko. Tom Checketts was very aggressive in the kitchen. He used big words just for some cucumber and potatoes. Aesha Scott was at the receiving end of Tom’s anger, and the guy literally made her cry because of the rude behavior. 

The Butt Grab Fight

It is by far the most explosive fight of the season, in fact, among all the seasons. The world is calling it the butt grab fight! The fight caught fire when Jessica More got furious on Aesha when she placed her hand on Robert Westergaard’s butt while taking a group picture. The second stew told Aesha that there would be consequences for disrespecting her! The fight was getting worse and worse, then Bugsy stepped in to try and control the situation. If the topic comes up in the reunion, we can expect some tension between Jessica and Aesha.

5th installment of Below Deck Mediterranean has been a roller coaster, and definitely, there is more than enough for the Wellington crew to talk about.

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