Allison Mack Allegedly Tried to Enlist Smallville Co-Star Alaina Huffman Into NXIVM Sex Cult!

COVID-19 has halted everything, and the high profile sex trafficking case of Allison Mack is one of them. Allison Mack has been pleaded guilty for her connection with the NXIVM cult in 2019. She didn’t oppose the charges against her, and she tearfully took responsibility for her actions, this indeed got her to reduce the jail time, but the issue is severe.

Allison Mack has faced several charges, including forced labor conspiracy, racketeering conspiracy, sex trafficking conspiracy, sex trafficking, and racketeering. Her sentencing got delayed due to COVID-19. The case is going on for almost two years now, and new details are emerging about Alison. Alaina Huffman, Mack’s co-star from Smallville, alleges that Mack tried to recruit her to NXIVM. Alaina added that she never attended any meetings, but she got the idea of her purpose.

Alaina Huffman told us that she was approached several times and was invited for a few meetings. However, Huffman never made it to any session as she was married and had kids to care for. Huffman added that Mack was not the only one who tried to recruit her; she was also asked by Bonnie Piesse, plated Bery Lars Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. Bonnie proposed the idea to Huffman at dinner, but she never went to the meeting.  

Huffman stated that she always felt something off about the organization, and now we all know why. She didn’t get the good vibes from the organization and decided to stay away from it. Keith Raniere is sentenced to one hundred and twenty years in prison! 

Do these disturbing facts make you wonder about when did Mack join NXIVM? She was on board in 2006, shortly after having a meeting with the Raniere. She didn’t waste any time and started rising the ranks. Mack even convinced her parents to take NXIVM courses. Mack even reached out to Emma Watson on Twitter! When Mack was asked about the reason for her joining NXIVM, she said that she was lost and wanted to find a comfortable place in the community.

We got to know that the recruits were asked to provide collateral, which included sexually explicit videos or photos. The organization used to inform the recruits that it was to check if they were serious about DOS. However, these photos and videos were used for blackmailing to stop people from leaving NXIVM.

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