Top 10 Largest Beaches in World.

1. Praia do Cassino Beach,Brazil

Praia do Cassino Beach: At over 150 miles in length, this is the longest beach in the entire world. Brazil’s beaches are known for their white sand, warm temperatures and welcoming locals. Any trip here is going to be hot, hot, hot! All sorts of water activities can be enjoyed here but surfing is the most popular pastime.

Praia do cassino hình 1

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Top 10 Largest Lakes in world

1. Caspian Sea

78,200 km3 – Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, Turkmenistan

he Caspian Sea is the largest enclosed inland body of water on Earth by area, variously classed as the world’s largest lake or a full-fledged sea.It is in an endorheic basin (it has no outflows) located between Europe and Asia.[4] It is bounded to the northeast by Kazakhstan, to the northwest by Russia, to the west by Azerbaijan, to the south by Iran, and to the southeast by Turkmenistan.

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