Weetzie Bat Season 1: Release Date, Plot And All You Need To Know!!

Gen X and millennials have all the rights to be happy with the Peacock announcement that the Weetzie Bat will finally be getting an adaptation from no other than the “You” showrunner Sera Gamble. The series will be an adaptation of the Weetzie Bat book, written by Francesca Lia and published in 1989.

The book earlier got scrutiny for the topics it talked about, but with time elapsing, the topics do not receive as many side eyes as they used to. The upcoming show will focus on the life of Weetzie and her Best friend Dirk and the many adventures they are set to go on.

Weetzie Bat Season 1 Release Date:

The series release date is yet to be discussed, but the most logical timeframe for the series release date is mid-next year. The series writer is also working on the You project, and she might need more time getting the Weetzie plot in a less provoking way as the earlier plot got scrutiny from the public. It is, however, not the first time the project is getting another remake; therefore, all seems well.

Weetzie Bat Season 1 Cast:

Peacock is yet to give us a lineup of the cast that we should expect to see in the show’s first season, but with the event announcement of the series development, it might take a good while before we receive the official cast update. The only cast update is the executive cast, who will write, produce and direct the show.

Sera Gamble, “You” showrunner, will be writing the show, and we expect her to dodge the cultural appropriation that Weetzie writer used to distance herself from her whiteness. Besides writing the series, Gamble will also executively produce the series alongside Paul Shapiro, Greg Silverman, Vince Gerardis, and Hope Riser. The series executive producers will be the UCP studios.

Weetzie Bat Season 1 Plot:

The series plot is an adaptation of the famous Francesca Lia Block, a book which got banned after several critics from the public for venturing into the less talked about topics. The book discussed dreaded topics like LGBTQIA, gay marriages, blended families, marriages, the AIDS epidemic and even children born out of wedlock.

The new series will focus on the lives of the distinctive character Weetzie and her best friend, Dirk. It focuses on their friends, families, and the many adventures they go through. Weetzie encounters the genie, and with this encounter comes the good and bad news. She is granted all the three wishes she asked for, but with these wishes, she realizes that she has to come to terms with the consequences of her actions. The wishes will impact her, the people around her, and what she is willing to trade.

Weetzie Bat Season 1 Trailer:

As of September 2022, we are yet to receive the upcoming series trailer from both the creators and the distributing channel. The earliest we can expect the series trailer is by 2023, and since that is still a while away, there are other series that could keep you entertained.

First, you can start watching the You show, one of the studded shows on Netflix. The show has four seasons out, and with a rating of 8.1/10 on IMDB, what is still stopping you from watching the show?

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