Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s Son Connor, 26, Launches New Venture as a Food Blogger And a ‘Grill Master’ !

Connor Cruise, Tom Cruise (most handsome men) and Nicole Kidman’s adopted son, has recently started a new venture as a grill master or food blogger with his close friend.

A 26-year-old Connor took a new Instagram page to begin food blogging, where he recorded himself grilling a different variety of meats. He stated that launching it with his bestie, Kim Joyce. After that, his many friends insisting that he has finally agreed to commence a food Instagram page  @connorsmeatshack with his best friend, @kimj526.

Also, he posted patio clicks with various grills on it and has shot himself cooking Wagyu brisket, spitroast chicken, Al Pastor, smoked ribeye steak, and rotisserie Shwarma.

Undoubtedly give this page a follow. He requested that if you like backyard steak, bourbon, chicken, or indeed, they feel like that day. Additionally, he also gave cooking tips to his social media followers for preparing tasty dinner meals. 

He and his 28-year-old sister Bella adopted their father’s religious views and devoted their lives to Scientology like their father. Previously he worked as a DJ. There is a report that Connor lives in Clearwater, the main hub of the church. In fact, he has become a big fishing man.

The Undoing star- Nicole Kidman‘s son Connor is satisfied to live a quiet life. The two remained close with Tom due to their continued beliefs. Conor and Isabella grew up in the Church of Scientology; they have been members since they were children. 

On the other side, Bella is a fashion designer who lives with her husband Max Parker in London. They got wedded in 2015, and last month, she shared her rarest selfie on her social media profile.

She displayed her ring in a black-and-white post, and she also promoted her art, captioning: “the same face, new prints are now available in the shop.”

She wore a black beanie and jacket with a light-colored scarf but kept it simple with less makeup, reflecting her natural beauty and charm.

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