Top 10 Terrific Accidents all Around World

Here are top 10 terrific accidents that shocked everyone, and then faded from memory. They are a disturbing reminder of how we have become inured to the day by day carnage on our roads.

1. De Doorns mountainside crash

De Doorns  mountainside crash is typically associated with farming strikes, yet in March a year ago a driver lost control of a twofold decker which tilted not far off before colliding with the mountain. People inside the bus had just attended a church service when the crash happened. At the time, it was called one of the most exceedingly terrible crashes in South African history and 24 individuals were killed. Brake failure was refered to as the main reason behind the crash.

2. Shocking Pinetown crash

In September 2013, a speeding truck drove through a red light, ploughing over numerous autos, including four minibus taxis, as it sped by. The crash occurred in evening peak hour traffic. The following morning, specialists affirmed that 27 people had been executed and 80 harmed. The driver of the truck said that a brake failure caused the mischance and is currently in court facing charges of culpable homicide.

3. Minibus taxi overturns

In this footage a taxi tilts off the street and topples before falling on its side. Taxi accidents are overflowing in South Africa with numerous vehicles not adequately tested for road-worthiness and drivers been accused of illegally obtaining licenses. The video above shows that road accidents are not just a risk to people trapped in cars, but also to pedestrians around the scene.

4. Holiday season crash

During the 2011 merry season, the Western Cape propelled a video campaign as part of its Safely Home initiative to urge road users to be alert while driving. The recordings contained CCTV surveillance footage of real traffic accidents.

Saranya Samuel
Saranya Samuel
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