Ten Pound Poms Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Spoiler, Trailer, And Other Details You Must Know

Danny Brocklehurst’s Ten Pound Poms is a brand new British historical drama TV series on the BBC One network. The Stan Network also airs this series. This show’s plot is based on the real-life experiences of a group of British who emigrated to Australia after World War II. Currently, you may watch the first six episodes of this show online. This six-part series debuted on BBC One on May 14, 2023. Overnight, the premiere episode was seen by 4.6 million people.

Let’s discuss the Ten Pound Poms season 2 release date, the show’s cast and plot, and the teaser trailer.

Ten Pounds Pom Season 2 Release date: When Will it Premiere?

TV Series Featuring on May 14, 2023, the show is doing quite well, but there has been no confirmation or statement regarding a second season. If the show’s popularity is any indication, though, it should be revived for a second season. If all goes well, the new season should premiere in 2025. If there is any formal confirmation from the creators, we will post it.

Ten Pounds Pom Season 2 Cast: Who Will Appear in the Show?

Michelle Keegan, Faye Marsay, and Warren Brown are the show’s primary protagonists. Starring alongside Hattie Hook and the actors mentioned above are Finn Treacy, Declan Coyle, Stephen Curry, David Field, Emma Hamilton, Cheree Cassidy, and Berynn Schwerdt.

Ten Pounds Pom Season 2 Trailer: When Can We Watch It?

There is a trailer for Season 1 of Ten Pound Poms on Apple TV+. In addition, once the renewal is officially announced, we may expect to see the trailer for season 2. Look down here:

Ten Pounds Pom Season 2 Plot: What’s it About?

Ten pounds Pom follows a group of Britons (often called Poms in Australia and New Zealand at the time) as they leave postwar Britain in 1956 for Australia. Life in Australia was less ideal than the group had anticipated. 

Ten Pound Poms makes an effort to strike a balance and mainly succeeds. It relates the tale of the Britons who agreed to travel to Australia in the 1950s in response to newspaper advertisements offering them the chance to start over for the princely sum of £10. In reality, the program attracted about a million participants.

Here, we see it using the eyes of Terry (Warren Brown), a man with a magnificent mustache who was abandoned in postwar Stockport and suffered from terrible post-traumatic stress disorder. Terry still experiences flashbacks to his time as a prisoner of war. Terry is an inveterate gambler, drinker, and boxer, and his wife Annie (Faye Marsay) is tired of seeing him blow his paycheck at the bar.

The series chronicles their ups and downs as they adjust to life in a foreign nation, far from Britain and their old routines. Hence, this concludes our information gathering for Season 1 of Season 2 of Ten Pound Poms. Additionally, stay tuned for further developments.

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