Suitcase City Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Details! 

If you’re a lover of dystopian action shows, this is the series where countable brave men rise to save humanity from hopelessness. Suitcase City, created by Keith Shuliff, is a thriller series that tells the story of a hopeless town which has fallen out of grace and is now ruled by a dangerous gang. Corruption, murder and violence are the order of the day, and the town residents do not have a say in what was once theirs.

Soon enough, a group of ex-cops decides that enough is enough, and they have to free the city from all its evil. A war is ensuing, and only the strong will survive. With Mason, the hero cruising in his vintage DeLorean 1981 model, you do not want to miss out on this spectacular thriller series.

Suitcase City Season 1 Release Date:

A premier date for the action series is yet to be released but considering that it was announced that it would be here in Spring, it will not be long till we receive the pilot episode. So far, we do not know many episodes the action series will have and which streaming channel it will be available on. All this will be released just before we get to binge on the thriller.

Suitcase City Season 1 Cast:


Keith Sutliff, Suitcase City Creator, is an actor and a filmmaker best known for his nonlinear storytelling abilities. He is also famous for shooting almost all of his films in saturated lighting, as seen in the released teaser. He stars in the series as Mason, the leader of the ex-cop group who has a mission of eradicating lawlessness from a city whose law enforcement has gone extinct. He is joined by Sasha Golberg (Leverage) as Kye and Victoria Nuzzo as Weston. The other cast, including the gang leader and his followers, will be released.

Suitcase City Season 1 Plot:

In 2054, the police force joined the bad guys in ruling the city. They have grown so unstoppable that the citizens tremble on their feet as they live in their mercy. The organized gang leader is the most powerful man in town; hence he controls all the resources in town.

When what is left of the police force decides that enough is enough, they choose to keep the gang leaders in line and restore justice and peace in a town accustomed to lawlessness. Mason, an ex-cop and ex-militia who is now in charge of several retired militias, has to bring back the lost glory in the city. This will lead to a heated fight between them and the SR 20s gang.

Suitcase City Season 1 Trailer:

A teaser of the show has already been released, but it looks more like a car commercial than a trailer. Apart from the car racing on a dusty road, there are guns, enough to tell you that a lot is about to unravel. Violence, crimes and lawbreakers facing the law will be among the show’s themes, and till we get the official trailer, we can only imagine how it will be. Other similar shows that you may watch in the meantime are; The Refuge, The Mason Brothers, and Cyclops Chronicles.

Where Can I watch Suitcase City Season 1?

You can buy the show on amazon Video as a download.

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