Second Self Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And All Information!

Have you ever imagined how the earth would be a century from now? Technology would have evolved thrice fold, the climate would either be better or worse than it is now, and maybe world war three could have happened, and another pandemic would have also threatened to wipe off people from the face of the world.

The new series Second Self is precisely what you need to Binge; if you have been wondering how the earth will be two hundred years after we are six feet and maybe some of us lucky enough to have got reincarnated. The five friends on the earth full of calamities have to find a way to explore the second self, which is signified by virtual reality. Despite the many possibilities, they have to figure out a way to develop genuine bonds in a world so corrupted by isolation.

Second Self Season 1 Release Date: When will it release?

The show is anticipated to release on  October 31st, 2023. Still, despite having a specific release date, we are yet to be told whether filming has started, the filming location, or when post-production takes place. It may be possible that the series is yet to be filmed considering that even the casting information is yet to be released, but so far, anything is possible. The second Self originates in the United States; therefore, it won’t surprise if the series gets filmed in the United in the same place as its origin. Produced by the web-based production company Tonari Animation, the show will have three languages Japanese, English, and Spanish, so much for diversity.

Second Self Season 1 Plot: What will Happen?

The series takes place in 2212, two centuries from now, when the world has a bad climate, world war has already happened, but due to advanced technology, they have virtual reality. Virtual reality, however, has its own disadvantages s the people are not so close with one another, and they were with each other before the introduction of the system. The five friends, Jack Landry, Ava Ortega, Ryu Watanabe, and Sandra Lambert, make it a decision a task to explore the world from a second self. It turns out to be not as simple as they thought it would be, as they have to deal with struggles and plagues that threaten their journey to discovering the second self.

Second Self Season 1 Cast: Who will be in?

So far, we have only two specific characters’ names that will be featured in the second season. Alec Stockton plays Jack Landry, the series protagonist. The latter is also a scavenger raised in Mexico and dealing with family issues, while Jarret Martin plays Henry, the guy obsessed with fantasy role-playing. Other casts in the friend’s group include Ava Ortega, the mechanic who struggles to understand love; Ryu Watanabe, the military veteran who is also a significant extrovert; and Sara Lambert, the enigmatic programmer who struggles to make friends.

Second Self Season 1 Trailer: When can we watch it?

The series release date is still a year away, and therefore it will take some time before we get to see the series trailer. Since it is sci-fi, there are other alternative shows like Snowpiercer and Raising Dion to keep you entertained before it gets here.

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