Oni Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Everything You Need To Know!

Did you know that the first evil to exist in the realms is the Oni? Several series and animations have been based on the Oni creatures, such as March of the Oni, Ao Oni, and many more, which are yet to be released. Netflix has an array of series and animations from the Japanese folklore suitable for every age group; young adults’ elderlies, kids, or even a family. Adding on to the Japanese Folklore series, they recently greenlight Oni, the upcoming series written by Daisuke Tsutsumi and Tonko House. The animation studio famous for producing ‘The Dam Keeper’ has teamed up with Netflix on the forthcoming Oni series. Does Omari have everything it takes to be a hero, and will she protect her village from the enemies?

Oni Season 1 Release Date: When will it out?

Netflix and the show’s creators are yet to release an official date for when we will see Omari strive to be the people’s hero. It is not also known how many episodes the animation series will have, how many minutes the run time will be, or if there will be a bonus episode. The show was recently announced; hence, if filming has started, we may expect the show to debut sometime in 2023. If it has not, it’s the beginning of the year; hence chances of it streaming before the year ends cannot be ruled out.

Oni Season 1 Cast: Who will be in?

All there is that there will be a courageous girl Omari, but so far, there are no names on who will voice those roles. Dice Tsutsumi, the show’s creator, commented that Oni is a dream come true, and it tells the other side of his identity that has not been fully explored. From a Japanese origin, he has done many American shows, and now that the chance to tell the stories he grew up listening to has presented itself, we expect the series to be fantastic. Information about the casts is a grey area that we hope to be explored soon enough. The show will have several producers; Megan Bartel, Robert Kondo, Zen Miyake, and Kane Lee, all from the Tonko House.

Oni Season 1 Storyline: What is it all about?

Omari, the daughter of one of the free-spirited creatures in a land filled with demons, spirits, monsters, and oddballs of Japanese mythology, has to find her place in society. Taking the ancient and former heroes of the lore as an example, she is determined to follow in their footsteps by keeping the land safe. Her powers are yet to be revealed; hence, it is unclear whether she has everything it takes to be one of the heroes. Will she protect her village from the monsters and the mysterious enemies?

Oni Season 1 Trailer: When will it air?

So far, a trailer or a teaser of Oni is yet to be released, considering there isn’t an official communication of who will be cast in the animation series. In the meantime, you can watch Japanese-based folklores on Netflix and Oni spinoffs such as March of the Oni. The Oni has inspired several series, and you can stream all of them from the famous streaming channels.

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