Obituary Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Updates That You Must Know!

Being passionate about your job is one thing. But being passionate about it that you need to kill people to keep doing what you do is one of the most insane plots in the human story, Obituary, the upcoming Irish series, revolves around an obituarist who resorts to killing people so that she can do what she does best; writing obituaries! The show is written by Ray Lawlor, the award-winning Turkish scripter, and directed by John Hayes. The upcoming Hulu series is made in association with The Wrap Fund, BAI, and Screen Island. Here’s everything we know about the Obituary.

Obituary Season 1 Release Date:

Unfortunately, Hulu has yet to give a specific release date for the upcoming series, and we have yet to determine just how soon the show will be available. The show is scheduled to go into production sometime in 2023 and premiere the same year on Hulu, and we are still determining how possible this will be. The series will also be exclusively available on Hulu, and you will have to get a subscription to binge on the show. We are still determining how many episodes the show will have, but we believe all of this will be confirmed in due time.

Obituary Season 1 Plot:

The upcoming show’s plot revolves around Elvira Clancy, an underpaid obituary who loves what she does despite the tough working conditions. She works at te town’s local newspaper agency. Since it is a small town, business is not as good. When business gets extremely low, and Elvira is almost getting fired, she decides ro get more creative; find more ways to have stories to write. She decides to play the vigilante killing the less pleasant people in the village and making it seem like an accident or suicide. This works fine for a while, but all hell breaks loose when a detective is hired. A game that started as a way of earning business might take her out of business forever.

Obituary Season 1 Cast:

The series cast consists of renowned actresses like Siobhan Cullen, who will play Elvira, the series protagonist. The actress is famous for premiering in several shows, including The Dry Origin, Paula, and The Long Call. In this series, she plays the underpaid obituarist who works in one of the smallest newspaper agencies in town. So far, she is the only cast we know about. We hope that more is yet to come. We will update you in case any additional casting lineup is revealed. As Obituary, a dark comedy on Hulu begins filming in Ireland, Bad Sisters actor Michael Smiley has joined the cast.

Obituary Season 1 Trailer:

Unfortunately, a trailer for the Orbituary series is yet to be released, and we are yet to determine how soon the trailer will be available. The show filming is set to start in 2023, and since a trailer can only exist with filming having started, it will be quite sometime before the show’s trailer is available for streaming. The perfect approximation is that the series trailer will be released either in 2023 or 2024. As we wait for the series trailer release, there are several shows, newly released, and shows of the same genre that you may want to check out. One of these shows is Knives Out and Glass Onion, and you can check out the two series on Netflix.

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