Huda Kattan’s Daughter Nour Giselle: Age, Father, School, Net Worth !

Nour Giselle is a well-known Family member. On June 25th, 2011, she was born in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and is of Arab descent. Huda Kattan’s daughter, Nour, is a well-known social media star and beauty entrepreneur. Emirati (UAE citizen) Nour Giselle has an Iranian and American ethical heritage, yet she was born and raised in the United States.

In addition, Her mother, Huda Beauty, is a well-known figure on the internet. So, let’s now talk about Nour’s personal life and financial worth.

Nour Giselle Early Life:

Full Real Name Nour Giselle
Family Name N/A
Profession N/A
Date Of Birth June 25th, 2011
Age 11
Birthday June 25th
Year Of Birth 2011
Nick Name N/A
Current Residence Dubai
Country UAE
Nationality N/A
Ethnicity N/A
Religion Muslim

On June 25, 2011, Nour Giselle was born in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In 2008, her parents relocated to Dubai, where she was born in 2011. Furthermore, almost little is known about Nour’s early years.

Nour Giselle Education:

Highest Qualification N/A
University N/A
College N/A
High School N/A

Nour Giselle’s educational background is not available to the general public. Nonetheless, we’re keeping an eye on things and will update Nour’s schooling as soon as we learn more.

Nour Giselle Family:

Father Christopher Goncalo
Mother Huda Kattan
Brothers N/A
Sisters N/A

Huda Kattan and Christopher Goncalo, Nour Giselle’s parents, greeted her warmly. When Huda was 16 years old, she first met Chris. Alya Kattan and Mona Monica Kattan are her aunts who work in social media. In addition, we’re going to update this piece on Nour Giselle’s relatives so that you can get accurate facts.

Christopher Goncalo, Huda’s Colombian-born partner, met in high school. Nour was born in 2011 after the pair relocated to Dubai in 2006, married in June 2009, and had their first child. Huda, on the other hand, is a devout Muslim. Mona, Huda’s business partner, and Alya, her social media manager, are also sisters.

Nour Giselle Zodiac Sign:

Star Sign Cancer

Nour Giselle was born in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on June 25, 2011, and is currently ten years old. According to our findings, Nour was born under the sign of Cancer.

Nour Giselle Physical Characteristics:

Weight In Kg N/A
Weight In Lbs N/A
Height In Feet N/A
Height In Meter N/A
Measurement N/A
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color N/A

Nour Giselle appears to be rather tall in her photographs despite her standard height and weight. Nour’s weight and other physical measurements are unavailable to the general public. We’re on the lookout and will update Giselle’s profile when the time comes.

Nour Giselle Relationship Status:

Spouse Name N/A
Sons N/A
Daughters N/A
No Of Children N/A
Marital Status single

Nour is a well-known Huda Family member. However, Nour prefers to keep her private life a secret. Because of this, information regarding Nour’s love life is being gathered and studied. She’s a teen, after all. However, we will update this information as soon as new information on Nour Giselle’s personal life becomes available.

Nour Giselle Career:

Nour is a well-known figure. Huda Kattan, the mother of beauty bloggers and businesswomen, is her mother. As the daughter of a digital celebrity, Nour has been the focus of media attention. HudaBeauty was founded in 2013 by Nour’s mother because she couldn’t locate fake eyelashes on the market. The “HudaBeauty Empire” has already grown to over 1500 locations worldwide.

Vogue Arabia magazine and a Vogue Q&A video with her mother have featured the famous youngster. Katie Price and Kerry Katona’s famous kids aren’t what Huda Kattan wants for her daughter. Although Huda recently detailed how Nour prefers to apply eye-liner, lipstick, and foundation in a recent interview.

According to a recent interview with Nour Giselle, she wants to be a fashion designer. On the other hand, her mother thinks she’d be a scientist.

“America’s Self-Made Women 2020,” a Forbes article on successful women, recently profiled Giselle’s mother. Following in her mother’s footsteps, Nour Giselle is concerned about the state of her health and the appearance of her skin.

A little more about Huda Kattan’s Biography.

Huda Kattan is an Iraqi-American makeup artist, beauty blogger, and businesswoman. Huda Beauty is a cosmetics company founded by her.

Huda’s father obtained a teaching position in Dubai in 2006. Thus the family relocated there. Huda came to LA a few years later to pursue a career in cosmetics. Celebrities like Eva Longoria and Nicole Richie were among her clients. Afterward, Huda went to Dubai, where she worked as a cosmetic artist for Revlon Cosmetics. Huda launched a beauty-related WordPress blog called “Huda Beauty” in April 2010 after the advice of one of her sisters. She would publish cosmetic tutorials and tips on the site.

Huda Beauty was started in 2013 by Huda, the same name as her blog. Sephora debuted her first product, a set of artificial eyelashes. False eyelashes worn by Kim Kardashian, who popularised the Huda Beauty brand, were a major selling point for the company.

When Huda started her firm, which is situated in Dubai, she added other cosmetic goods, such as eye shadow palettes, liquid lipstick liners and highlighter palettes.

Huda has amassed over 47 million Instagram followers as of 2020. Averaging $18,000 for sponsored content, Huda is the top Instagram influencer according to the “2017 Influencer Instagram Rich List.” Forbes magazine named Huda one of the “ten most influential influencers in beauty” and called her “a Kim Kardashian West of the beauty influencer economy.” In 2017, Time magazine called her one of “The 25 Most Influential People on the Internet.” Huda was one of Fortune magazine’s “40 under 40” in 2020. On the cosmetic Beauty Influencer Rich List in 2021, Huda was placed first.

On Facebook Check-in 2018, Huda started starring in her original reality series, Huda Boss, with her family. Huda gave one million meals in 2021 through her cosmetics firm Huda Beauty as part of a drive to distribute food.

Nour Giselle Social Appearance:


Many people admire Nour Giselle, a well-known Family Member. It’s also worth noting that her @nourgiselle account has more than 134 thousand followers on Instagram.

Nour Giselle Net Worth:

Net Worth $150 Million
Assets N/A
Annual Earnings N/A
Source Of Income Family

The total value of Nour Giselle’s financial assets and liabilities is her net worth. Homes, automobiles, numerous forms of Nour’s bank accounts, and cash. Stocks and bonds are also assets that contribute to Nour’s wealth.

As a side note, you’ve lately heard about Nour Giselle and are intrigued about her net worth. Huda Beauty, Nour’s family cosmetics company, is believed to have a net value of $510 million.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is Nour Giselle?

Huda Kattan, the beauty blogger and businesswoman, is her mother. As the daughter of a digital celebrity, Nour has been the focus of media attention.

What are Nour Giselle’s measurements, both in height and weight?

Nour Giselle appears to be rather tall in her photographs despite her standard height and weight.

Who is Nour Giselle’s husband?

She’s a teen, after all. However, we will update this information as soon as new information on Nour Giselle’s personal life becomes available.

How much money does Nour Giselle have?

Her family cosmetic brand Huda Beauty is worth $510 million.

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