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Top 10 Native American Population in United States in 2023


The Native population of the nation had almost 10 million inhabitants before European settlers explored America. Shortly following the war and disease caused by colonists, their numbers began to drop rapidly. Native Americans have faced hundreds of years of persecution and discrimination and have been forced to lose land and resources. The current population of Americans is 6.79 million, representing approximately 2.09% of the whole population. There are approximately 574 U.S. Native American tribes federally recognized.

These are the ten countries with the highest American Native Population. Have you go!

10. Washington

Native American:8.53%
Asian American:3.80%
African American:1.28%

The 2015 estimate of the U.S. Census Bureau shows a population of 7,170,351 in Washington, up from the figure of 6.72 million reported during the 2010 census. The healthy growth rate in Washington today is 1.27% and ranks eighth in the country. The median age of Washington people is 37. 50 in which 1% of the population is women and 49.9%. However, 61% of the population have Christians, 6% have non-Christian religions and 32% have no faith in Christian religions.

9. Oregon

Native American:1.16%
Asian American:4.37%
African American:1.91%

The growth rate in Oregon is now 0.89%, 22nd in the country. It is estimated that Oregon’s population in 2013 has grown to over 4 million, making Oregon its 27th most crowded State. Oregon has a median age of 39.1 years in the entire population. Regarding the proportion of women to men, the current population is 50.5 percent female and 49.5 percent male. The most favorite religions in Oregon are concerned as 61 percent of the population are Christians, and 31 percent of the population are non-Christian.

8. Wyoming

Native American:8.53%
Asian American:3.80%
African American:1.28%

The estimated population of the U.S. census Board in 2015 shows that 7,170,351 Washington’s Population, which rises to 6.72 million in 2019 census figures. The healthy growth rate in Wyoming today is 1.27%, which ranks eighth in the country. The median age of Wyoming people is 37 years, of which 50.1% of the population is women and 49.9% are men. However, 61% of the State population have Christians, and 6% have non-Christian religions in Wyoming.

7. Arizona

Native American:4.50%
Asian American:3.31%
African American:4.50%

Arizona has almost 40% of the U.S. population. Arizona was the seventh most rapidly growing country from 2010 to 2015, with a cumulative growth of 6.82 percent. 37. 6% of non-Christian confessions round the 27% with neither affiliation. 30.7% of people in Arizona report their Hispanic or Latino origin, taking into account their origin. Mexican (25.8 percent), German (16.5 percent), English (10.3 percent), and Irish with a history of ancestry are the inhabitants of Arizona, which has 4.50% of native Americans in the State.

6. North Dakota

Native American:5.29%
Asian American:1.45%
African American:2.91%

North Dakota is a seized territory with some interesting population statistics in the far north of the United States on Canada’s border. The median age of the North Dakota population is 35.2 years. Its population covers 77% Christian faith, 3% non-Christian faith, and 20% of the population is non-Christian. Over the first decade of the 21st C, there was a major rise in the population due to jobs in the petroleum industry in tight oil (shale oil) fields.

5. Montana

Native American:6.36%
Asian American:0.79%
African American:0.50%

The 2010 U.S. Census confirmed that there were 989,415 Montana residents, up 9.7% from 2000 results. For the first time in 2012, Montana’s population exceeded 1 million and is now 1.03 million. 94.8% of Montana’s population speaks English, but many other state-speaker languages are Blackfoot, Assiniboine, Cheyenne, Plains Cree, Crow, Dakota, and Kutenai. It has one of the highest indigenous people in the Americas, with approximately 66,000 people. In Montana, the median age is about 39.8 years.

4. South Dakota

Native American:8.75%
Asian American:1.45%
African American:2.01%

South Dakota estimated population of 858,469 increased as compared to the 2010 Census. The median age of approximately 36.8 years is in the population of South Dakota. 79% of South Dakota’s population is a Christian, 3% a non-Christian, and 18% a non-religious person. The American Indians are predominant in many counties, most of the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota (Sioux). Five provinces of the State are fully reserved for American Indians. Many reserves often have very low living standards compared to the national average.

3. New Mexico

Native American:8.75%
Asian American:1.45%
African American:2.01%

South Dakota is the 17th largest State in the Union, but with a relatively sparse population in comparison and situated in the North Middle West of the United States. The median age in the population of South Dakota is approximately 36.8 years. 10.6% of New Mexico is Native Americans, twenty-two tribal communities, nineteen villages, and three tribes covering five reserves in New Mexico. The village lands cover more than eight counties and two million acres. The Native American communities of New Mexico have cultural identities beyond tribal languages and tradition.

2. Oklahoma

Native American:7.62%
Asian American:2.17%
African American:7.28%

The growth rate of Oklahoma now stands at 0.84%, which in the country ranks 24th. Over the years, its population has steadily increased to a landmark of 4 million. The population of Oklahoma is 79 percent in terms of favorite religions across the State of Christian beliefs. 125,303 American Indians belong to the Cherokee tribe, 441 to the Chippewa tribe, sixty-seven to the Navajo tribe, and sixty-seven to the Sioux tribe. 14,789 are indigenous, 9,134 are Chinese, 9,436 are the Philippines, 2,785 are Japanese, 5,037 are Korean, and 25,455 are Vietnamese in Oklahoma. Of these people, 1.180 are Hawaiian natives, 972 are Guamanian, or Chamorro native and 287 are Samoan.

1. Alaska

Native American:14.89%
Asian American:6.23%
African American:3.28%

Alaska is currently the State’s 48th largest population in the country. The median age is 33.6 in Alaska: 47.7% female and 52.2% male. In religious terms, 62% of Alaskans have a Christian belief, 6% have a non-Christian belief, and 31% do not have a religion. This State was ranked number seven in the country, and between the censuses of 2000 and 2010, it grew by 54.2% of Asia’s population. Most Asian people in Alaska belonged to the Philippines, with a history dating back to the 1700s when the Philippines worked in the fur trade and for exploratory boats.

So these are the top ten indigenous people in the USA! You have to look below if you want to look at the State Rankings of all the U.S. along with their native American percentage.

RankStateAmerican Indian %
1Alaska 20.42%
3New Mexico10.72%
4South Dakota10.09%
6North Dakota6.48%
18North California1.89%
25Rhode Island1.34%
31New York1.07%
37South Carolina0.93%
43New Hampshire0.80%
48West Virginia0.72%
50New Jersey0.69%


The above list concludes that Fifteen countries have over 100,000 indigenous American populations. Fifteen states have relative indigenous Americans under 1.00%, and Alaska has the greatest relativistic population of indigenous Americans, representing approximately 145 816 people, of which 19.74% are the total population.

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