Kevin Gates Mocks YoungBoy Never Broke Again Fan Who Says YoungBoy Will Beat Him Up!

Recently, Kevin Gates was busy enjoying himself on vacation and shared many selfies to entertain their fans, along with going live on Instagram.

On Saturday, 5 December 2020, he accepted a fan request who introduced himself as a Baton Rouge native Never Broke Again YoungBoy who stated in between conversation as “Shut up Kevin before I beat you up — YoungBoy will gonna find you and then beat you up.” At the same moment, Gates hung up on him and sarcastically retreated as he was doing.
Kevin states in a broad laugh, “Oh God no, I’m hanging up.” “I’m so scared, oh no ..I’m hanging up with you. Please, no-no. No God, no. Bitch, this me, man!”

Kevin Gates couldn’t assist but laugh off what that YoungBoy fan was saying.
As we know, he has been one of the hilarious & funniest artists in the hip-hop world over the years as he has always been unapologetically himself. No matter the circumstances, Kevin Gates has no shame in confessing what he gets up to in his personal life, even if some fans are getting annoyed by his admissions.

Regardless of such reactions he receives, Gates continues on his humour with his sparking brand of individualism. Sometimes, Gates takes this to Instagram live, interacts and makes conversation with his fans, and talks about a few insights into his life.

He was in the middle of one of those IG, as mentioned above, live sessions and allowed his fans to get a share with him. One of those fans was reasonably unrude, as he started claiming that he would beat up him (Gates). Eventually, Gates further asked him who would do with such a thing, which resulted in him saying “NBA YoungBoy.”

Gates immediately and sarcastically replies as “please don’t hurt me,” along with a huge laugh on his face. The artist then hung up on the call that he was scared, although he seemed sarcastic.
In the past days, Gates and YoungBoy were cool together as even he was getting too severe that he made tattoos of him. It seemed like their relationship gets worsened, especially when with Quanto Rondo malignant Gates a year back.
But despite all these, it is crystal clear that Gates is now in good spirits. He doesn’t get affected by the fans in such antics.

On the other hand, YoungBoy is now focusing on music by releasing his Nobody’s Safe and Until I Return mix-tapes. But the troubles are quite smarter to find a way in his life as last 20 November, his brother Big B and his fellow man were shot at the gas station in Baton Rouge. The fellow died because of the severe injuries, but his brother suffered a deeper wound on his leg.

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