Jessica Chastain Replaces Michelle Williams in HBO’s ‘Scenes From a Marriage’

A few months ago, HBO announced the cast for its upcoming series, Scenes from a marriage. Well, there are some changes in the cast, and the multiple Oscar-nominated lead actress is replaced by another Oscar-nominated actress. Michelle Williams is no longer attached to Scenes from a Marriage, and she had to go because of some scheduling conflicts. With Michele out of the picture, Jessica Chastain is starring opposite Oscar Isaac in the drama. The series is based on Ingmar Bergman’s mini-series of the same name. Isaac and Chastain co-starred in The most Violent Year, 2014. Chastain is returning to HBO after five years as she starred in HBO’s Show Me a Hero, 2015.

The original series featured Erlan Josephson and Liv Ullmann; it was rated 8.5 on IMDB, which is pretty decent. Will HBO’s Scenes from a Marriage live up to the parent mini-series’ standards despite the talented cast? The series will be set in contemporary America and will re-examine the iconic depiction of love, desire, hatred, marriage, and divorce.

Scenes from a Marriage Cast And Crew:

Only the lead roles have been officially assigned as of now. Hagai Levi is the director, executive producer, and writer of the series. Blair Beard, Michael Ellenberg, and Oscar are executive producers of the mini-series. 

Scenes from a Marriage Release date & Episodes:

As opposed to the 1973 mini-series, which was set in Sweden, Bergman’s native country, the all-new show will be placed in modern-day America. It’s still early to ask for a trailer as HBO hasn’t announced any timeline or a release date yet. It is not surprising as the series is in the early stages of Production. In addition to that, the COVID-19 pandemic will also slow down the Production significantly. HBO has not announced the number of episodes yet; the original series had six episodes, later condensed for the theatrical release.

Story of Scenes from a Marriage 1973:

We are introduced to Johan and Marianne ten years into their marriage. Johan, a college professor by profession, and Marianne, a divorce lawyer, say that they are happily married, and they don’t fight, unlike their friends Peter and Katrina. However, their happiness is a facade. They face even more hardships in their relationship when Johan admits that he is having an affair for some time. Eventually, they decided to separate from each other and go for a divorce. They did make attempts to make restore the relationship; they realize that they have a unique bond, but it also comes with many issues that shatter their relationship. 

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