Will There Be a Marvel’s ‘Helstrom’ Season 2 on Hulu?

MCU has taken over the film industry for the last ten years, and several TV series plans are well moving. Hulu’s Marvel show Helstrom is a heated topic among viewers, popular with the new series since its release.

Helstrom streamed on Hulu on October 16, 2020. The series is a story in the MCU, follows the fiction of estranged siblings Daimon and Ana Helstrom, the kids of a mysterious and influential serial killer.

The pair of siblings, who have been damned with some unusual, spooky, and creepy abilities, must settle their differences so that they can hunt humanity’s worst.

Is there any renewal for Season 2?

At the time of composing, there’s no renewal for Helstrom season 2. Unfortunately, it is highly unpredictable for fans that the Helstrom siblings will be returning for season 2. because the series is the edition of Marvel Television, which no longer occurs as Marvel Studios seems to raise the MCU onto the small network channels through their shows on Disney+.

If Helstrom has to exist for a second season, it would have to generate a vast production. In December 2019, Marvel Television had glorified a new dark and frightening series before being close, comprising Ghost Rider. But several projects have been discontinued, Helstrom is lucky to be alive.

Does Season 1 end on a Cliffhanger?

Surprisingly, the end of season 1 of Helstrom ended on a Cliffhanger, which is exactly what fans would expect for a new season.

In the season 1 finale, fans watched the Helstrom sibling’s reunion and rescued their mother, Victoria Helstrom, from the demon. Simultaneously, Ana’s business partner, Chris, kidnapped Daimon and Gabriella’s newborn child and took her towards a terrible figure, who’s suspected to be Ana and Damon’s father.

If Helstrom is renewed for season 2, you usually expect a new season to happen after a year. It implies a season 2 will appear in October 2021, although with the delay caused by the Covid-19, season 2 will likely come later if Helstrom is actually renewed. Viewers can watch season 1 on Hulu, which was aired on October 16.

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