Flashdance Season 1; Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer, And All The Other Updates!

For those who loved the Flashdance series in the 1980s, you have all the reasons to be elated as CBS recently announced that the series reboot would be making its way to our screens anytime from now. The series did quite well with only a budget of $7 million; it got $201 million in return.

Directed by Adrian Lynne in the days, the series followed the life of an 18-year-old  girl passionate about everything dance. She has to work extra hard as the journey to following her dreams is not as rosy as she initially thought. The series, which is now being created by The Dear White People creator Justin Siemen, is expected to create a better version of the show, making it more relatable to the current audience.

Flashdance Season 1 Release Date: When can we watch the season?

Despite the enthusiasm to see the series reboot after it was first released almost 30 years earlier, CBS has yet to announce the precise date of the Flashdance series. However, it is reported that the series development started two years ago but remained just rumors since there is not much to support the statement.

We are yet to receive casting, the official episode countdown, or the filming location. The series is being revamped, which could explain the delay, but until then, you should expect the Flashdance series to premiere by 2023.

Flashdance Season 1 Plot: What should we expect?

The Flashdance series is a reboot of the 1983 classic, and it will most likely follow the same story, albeit with little altercations to make it better than the original one. The series will revolve around a black woman with mismatched realities who struggle to pursue her dream as a ballet dancer. She struggles to find her peace and balance. She must navigate through dance, romance, art, friendship, and money and learn not to be the worst critic but be more gentle to herself.

Flashdance Season 1 Cast: Who will appear for the upcoming season?

The series announcement came this year in February, but five months later, we have yet to receive any updates on the characters featured in the Flashdance series. The original series consisted of talented actors, and we hope the remake will follow in the same footsteps or even better.

Jennifer Beals was one of the actresses, and she played the Alexandra role perfectly; she had excellent articulation and smooth dance moves, and the next Alex would do a good job too. Michael Nouri, Lilia Skala, Sunny Jonson, Kyle Heffner, Lee Ving, and Belinda Bauer are some of the actors in the 1983 classic, and the chances of them reprising their roles are low.

Flashdance Season 1 Trailer: When can we watch it?

Unfortunately, we have not received any trailer for the upcoming series, and we are not sure when CBS will release a sneak peek. The series casting is yet to be made, and there is a possibility that the trailer might take longer than expected. Since the series is simply a reboot of the 1983 classic, you can watch the trailer of the classic on Youtube.

The trailer starts with a woman glamorizing freeing music and slowly progresses to people dancing to the rhythms of classical music. You can watch the trailer on Youtube or watch the whole movie on Paramount, but you will need to have a subscription.

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