Filip Geljo: TV Actor, Instagram, Age, Height, Movies, Twitter and Net Worth

This Canadian-Filipino actor, Filip Geljo, gained fame as Agent Otto in the children’s series Odd Squad and later reprised the role in the accompanying movie Odd Squad: The Movie. He also joined the cast of the Avatar sequel in 2017.

Social Media:

If you’re curious about what he’s been up to lately, checking out his Instagram might be a good idea. He seems to have quite the following over there, with 4152 followers! However, it doesn’t look like there’s any information about him on his Twitter or Facebook accounts.


Based on his birthdate of April 13, 2002, he would currently be 21 years old.


He seems to have a lean build with a height of 6 ft and a weight of 58 kg. His body measurements are reported to be 36-31-12 inches, and he has dark brown hair and eyes. His shoe size is 8.5.

Movies and TV Shows:

He certainly appears to possess a great deal of talent as an actor! His ability to work on such a broad spectrum of movies and television shows is impressive. He has appeared in Odd Squad, The Waiting Room, Avatar: The Way of Water, Shahzad, etc.

Early Life:

He got his start in show business with an appearance on Odd Squad in 2014 and a role in the TV movie The Last Chance. He has also had other TV roles, including a guest spot on Annedroids in 2016 and a part in the 2015 movie The Waiting Room. The actor was born in Canada.


He is no slouch in the smarts department. He attended St. Maria Goretti High School and excelled academically there.


Though we know his father’s name is Jasmin Geljo, there is no concrete information about his family. However, we assure you that we will promptly provide comprehensive details once we obtain valid facts about his mother and siblings.

Zodiac Sign:

He was born on April 13 under the sign of Aries.

We know Aries individuals for their energetic and dynamic nature. They are confident, ambitious, and natural-born leaders who enjoy taking the initiative and pursuing their goals with determination.


Well, Filip is currently flying solo and not in the dating scene. Based on the available information, he is not involved in any romantic relationship.

Net Worth:

Accompanied by a string of accolades, Filip boasts a net worth of over $900k and counting. His consistent display of talent keeps us eagerly awaiting his next moves!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Does Filip Geljo Have Instagram?

Yes, Filip has an Instagram account, fgeljo01, with 4,152 followers.

Q2. How Did Filip Geljo Get into Acting?

At the tender age of 12, Filip Geljo began his professional career with the children’s television programme Odd Squad. In this movie, he played Otto, a talented mathematician. This series, which is amusing as well as educational, is funded by the US Department of Education.

Q3. Where is Filip Geljo Now?

Filipino-Canadian actor Filip Geljo is well known for his parts in The Waiting Room and Shahzad, among other films and television productions. He rose to fame as Agent Otto after appearing in the television series Odd Squad.

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