Extra Room: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Everything That You want to Know!

Sharing an apartment is something normal; we do it every day. You may never even know the name of the next-door neighbor until you move out. Sharing the same room with somebody you met online? This does not happen daily. In the Extra Room series, however, it is quite the opposite. Two LGBTQ guys do what needs to be done to save their Manhattan house. Cherrye Davis, who is reputable for Coverage 2019 and Scribble 2020, wrote this comedy show with the help of Nilan and Gabriel Shanks. Extra Room was shot in New York City, the city of splendor; therefore, you can imagine how captivating the series is.

Extra Room Release Date: When will it air?

The series was released on 1st April 2021 in the United States. The show was to premiere on IMDb in 2020, but production was delayed due to the ravaging pandemic. The play is yet to be rated on either IMDb or rotten tomatoes, and knowing whether fans loved the series or did not is quite a challenge. The show is both a comedy, romance, and LGBTQ we could speculate that fans, primarily those who support and love the LQBTQ community. For quite a while, the community has not been given the representation they deserve and bring given leading Gay people as casts; it is bound to attract a large audience.

Extra Room Cast: Who will be in?

Extra Room Cast

The six-episode series would not be the same without the funny and witty characters. The R. Nilan Johnson (Popsicles, Damnable Deprivation of Dimitri) plays Nic (the novelist), and he has a roommate, Ion, Catalin Stalin (the photographer). Cheerye Davis plays Rey, Mitchell Horn plays Marvin, Gabriel Hernandez as Xerxes, Aaron Latta as Beau, Nathaniel Claridad as the Sava, Lawryn Lacroix as Tina. Karl Iglesias as Trevor, Cathrine Porter as Fredrika, Shawn Jain as Alex Suzzane Kennedy as Diane, and Jeffrey James as Gregg.

Extra Room Storyline: What will happen?

The series is a comedy show consisting of six episodes exploring how an LGBTQ community ends up being a family. The two guys live together in a rather stuffy apartment; one is a photographer and a novelist. As it is, they are already struggling to pay the rent of their Manhattan apartment, but when the rent is twice raised, they have a lot of options to pick. They decide to advertise online, and with this come along list of possible roommates to choose from. The newly divorced, the dad, the Midwestern farmhand who identifies as nonbinary or the sexy guy they will soon be falling for. The series is the bomb with lots of charm, sex, love stories, and hustling.

Extra Room Trailer: When will it be out?

The trailer of the first season is out and showing on YouTube. The first teaser was released on 11th Dec, three years before the first season premiered. We see the two roommates fighting over renting the room or staying the two of them and trying to pay the already high rent. When Nick asks Ion if renting the room will work, we can only cross our fingers and hope it does. Fans can watch to have a sneak peek at what is in store for them. LGBTQ community movies have grown famous over time, and similar films are available on all the streaming platforms .

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