Dragon’s Dogma : Netflix Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Latest Information!

Another epic anime based on a video is on the way to your screens. Dragon’s Dogma is a high fantasy game released in 2012, garnering a lot of attention; since then, this classic cult RPG inspiration has been ported to modern consoles such as PlayStation 4, the Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. The game is getting a new makeover from the streaming platform that unveiled the Castlevania adaptation. If you are an anime lover, brace for the freshly brewed news and updates about Dragon’s Dogma Anime Opening presenting music from the game’s composer. 

The upcoming original net anime is a dark fantasy series based on the 2012 video game of the same name by Capcom and directed by Shinya Sugai. The anticipated seven episodes series is a production by Tomohisa Nishimura, written by Kurasumi Sunayama with its music from Tadayoshi Makino. Sublimation animates dragon’s Dogma, the director, and executive producer being Shinya Sugai. With Taiki Sakurai, Capcom’s Takashi Kitahara, and Hiroyuki Kobayashi as executive producers, Kasumi Sunayama as the scriptwriter, and Kaoru Nishimura as the characters’ designer, the Dragon’s Dogma anime will air seven episodes for a season.

Dragon’s Dogma Storyline :

The upcoming anime follows the same story as the game. A dragon attacks a village killing one of the men and afterward ripping out the man’s heart. The man miraculously survives and becomes known as Arisen, the person destined to defeat the dragon. The initial title released was highly praised for its gameplay but otherwise criticized for the shallow storyline.

Dragon’s Dogma Storyline

Dragon’s Dogma Release Date : When it will premiere?

The fantasy-based anime sets to premiere on the Netflix streaming platform on Thursday, September 17. All Netflix users are aware of the drill. If you are watching West Coast, you are in for a midnight premiere time while those based on East Coast are in for a far less reasonable 3 a.m. 

Dragon’s Dogma Cast : Who will be in?

The expected cast will star several characters, including Yuichi Nakamura (Japanese) and Greg Chun (English) voicing Ethan. Other significant names include Hannah, said by Nana Mizuki (Japanese), and Erica Mendez(English), Olivia voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro (Japanese), and Cristina Vee (English). Takayuki Sugo (Japanese) and David Lodge (English) voice Dragon while Yuko Sanpei (Japanese) and Jeannie Tirado (English) voice Louis. Suzuko Mimori (Japanese) and Ryan Bartley (English) voice Salai.

Dragon’s Dogma Cast

Dragon’s Dogma Trailer : Is it out?

Absolutely and it is epic. The first look at the trailer outlines all of the game’s main plot points. A man, Arisen, escapes the jaws of death mysteriously after his heart is ripped out by a dragon. His destiny is intertwined with that particular event as he turns out to be the one supposed to defeat the dragon and avenge his murdered family. Check the link to the trailer below:

If you are all for anime series, this is it for you. Watch all the seven episodes of Dragon’s Dogma fantasy anime and get to experience what all the hype is about this September 17.

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