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Dissocia Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Important Details!

Dissocia Season 1

Dissocia is a new television series slated for 2023. Remarkably the show is directed by Matt Newton, a decorated and successful TV and film actor. Matt has landed roles on hit shows such as Criminal Minds, Judging Amy, Gilmore Girls and Van Wilder, all shows that garnered attention globally. He returns to screens with the series Dissocia, and we hope he will not let his fans down on this one. Dissocia highlights scientific success in the medical field but takes a twist when instead of uniting people, the scientific breakthrough divides people and turns relations sour.

Dissocia Season 1 Plot: What should we expect?

Not much has been released about the plot or storyline the series will likely follow. The showrunners and directors have kept the information under wraps and are waiting for “the right time” to launch the synopsis to fans. But with a string of interviews from time to time with popular television and movie series platforms, the showrunners and directors could not keep their secret that perfectly.

As hinted in one of the interviews, the series will be about a scientific breakthrough that turns things sour in a once close-knit small-town community. What does this scientific breakthrough involve? And why should a breakthrough divide people instead? These questions will be answered once the series hits the screens.

Dissocia Season 1 Release Date: When will it be telecasted?

Fans eager to watch the show will have to tame their patience for a while. As of now, there is no official communication of the release date for the series from the showrunners and the directors of the show. The wait may not be that long as IMDb places the window period for the release somewhere in 2023.

Dissocia Season 1 Cast: who will be appearing?

The series director, Matt Newton, did a great job sourcing the best actors from a pool of many talented actors. The cast in the series are Lukas Hassel, known for The Blacklist, who is portrayed as Jack Crandall, Maria Dizzia (The Undoing), known for Marther Marcy May Marlene, is portrayed as Audrey Crandall; Michael Consuelos, famous for his role in Riverdale, is portrayed as Mr. Derek Cross, Andrew Stewart Jones known for the 2013 movie Dead Man Down is portrayed as Dr. Anthony Brooks.

Others in the list of the talented cast are Koko Vandernoot portrayed as Madeliene Crandall; Jasper Johnson Weinberg portrayed as Jade; Mariette Booth portrayed as Ann Hayes; Alexa Butler portrayed as a nurse; Zoe Cali portrayed as Lauren; Jaden Pace portrayed as Alex and Alisia Castle portrayed as a student. Alongside the director worked a team of producers with Stacy Van Gorder and Kathleen Morgan as executive producers; other producers are Mariette Booth, Paul J. Catcher, Dana Serao and Mark Serao.

Dissocia Season 1 Trailer: When will it be out?

Television fanatics who want to witness sneak peeks of what happens in the movie will be disappointed to learn the trailer is not yet out on many popular platforms. Like the original series, the date when the trailer will be available for sampling is unknown.

But one sure thing is that the trailer will come out before the first episode to give movie series fanatics a taste of what to expect when the main show premiers on screen.

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