Dark Side Of The Ring Season 3 : Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Everything That You Want To Know!

For the pro wrestling fanatics, Vice TV’s Dark Side of the ring is a must-see. The documentary series is a Canadian production of Vice Studios. Created by Evan Husney and Jason Eisener, the series follows controversial topics and events within professional wrestling. The series proves to be very popular among fans and is now officially the most top-rated program in the network history. 

With this popularity, talks on a possible season three have to ensue. Evan Husney, the show’s producer, recently spoke on the production difficulties regarding season three. This issue follows the current coronavirus crisis that is paralyzing most production sectors worldwide. Having tackled some of the big stories, including Chris Benoit, Owen Hart, New Jack, and the rest, there are plenty of stories in-store, and more episodes to be focussed. 

Dark Side Of The Ring Season 3 Release Date : When it will premiere?

Season one premiered in April 2019 with the finale airing on May 15, 2019. The second installment premiered in March 2020. In case there will be a third season of the series soon, productions may resume to the relatively regular shooting schedule in the late summer or early fall. Therefore season 3 premiered on May 6, 2021.

Dark Side Of The Ring Season 3 Release Date

Dark Side Of The Ring Season 3 Plot : What are the potential ideas?

Having tackled some of the wrestling’s darker subjects, more is still in line for the series to offer. The docuseries is an epitome of how modern media should treat professional wrestling. The show seemingly shows a phenomenal amount of respect to medium while every other leading network appears to treat wrestling as either a punchline or brutish carnival attraction. 

Whereas Latino Heat was a key focus the initial half of the Chris Benoit episode, an entire episode could delve more in-depth on the man himself. 

Dark Side of the Ring could also provide detailed coverage on Guerrero’s lineage and his contribution to ECW and WCW alongside his time in WWE. Admittedly, the mentioned episode covered his tenure in WWE and shortly talked about his indies tour while Guerrero sought to get clean. However, a full episode could dissect his stint I Ring of Honor. The Guerrero episode’s most significant feature would be the aftermath of his death when his memory is often referenced to fire up the people close to him. 

The Guerrero episode is just a sample to show that many other stories are feasible for the next season. Other accounts can focus on Chyna, Jake Roberts, Perro Aguayo Jr., Lucha Underground, Women Wrestling, Jeff Hardy, the Kliq, Rookie Hazing, and CM Punk.

Dark Side Of The Ring Season 3 Platform : Where you can steam it?

Sadly for the fans, Dark Side of the Ring is not available for streaming on Netflix. It is not available with the traditional Hulu account, either. However, episodes are on-demand through active subscriptions to Sling TV, Fubo TV, Philo, and Hulu+ Live TV. Hopefully, the current pandemic situation will get in order so that productions can go on as usual. But for now, fans remain optimistic that Dark Side season 3 will return to the screens soon. Till then, watch the season 2 episodes on Vice Tv. Here we have a trailer of Season 2; watch it to understand the primary storyline.

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