Slow Horses Season 1: Apple TV Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And All Latest Information!

 If you are a fan of Mark Herron or have read and loved any of his book collections, then the news of one of his books receiving a series order on Apple TV is probably music to your ears. The British thriller is based on Mikes’s novel with the same name.

The series tells the story of Agent River, who, together with the other slow horses in the slough houses, are bent on doing anything possible to reclaim their lost glory. Their miserable boss Jackson Lamb does not make it easy for them, but this doesn’t seem to deter them. With Gary Oldman, the Academy Award winner, casting as the series protagonist, you should be in for an amazing show.

Slow Horses Season 1 Release Date:

The series was announced in 2019 by Apple, where Gary Oldman (Mank) was revealed as the series protagonist. A year later, on the 30th of November, filming of the series began, and this went up to February 2021. Initially, it was planned that the series was to stream into its entirety in 2021, but this was disrupted by the covid 19 pandemic, which saw filming resume in July 2021 at Stroud Gloucestershire.

Recently it was announced that the series premiere is April 1st, 2022 and James Hayes is the director behind the six-episode season. It will debut with two episodes on Friday on Apple Tv+ then the rest will drop one episode per week every Friday.

Slow Horses Season 1 Plot:

Slough houses is where all the British agents (known as slow horses) who have screwed up in their career one way or another are dumped to rethink their careers and what they would have done differently. One of the slow horse’s Agent Cartwright, is thrown to the slough houses after his rather mortifying training, which leaves him transcribing phone conversations.

He and the other administrative rejects must endure dull tasks while juggling their boss Jackson Lamb who expects them to fold and quit under pressure. Life there becomes a daily struggle until they get entangled in a case by Regents Park. When a young man’s kidnapper threatens to take his life with the internet watching, River Cartwright sees a chance to redeem himself, which he soon realizes won’t be possible with everyone having a different plan.

Slow Horses Season 1 Cast:

The first cast to be confirmed was Gary Oldman, who will be cast as Jackson Lamb, the miserable guy in charge of the slow horses in the Slough House. Gary has risen slowly to fame ever since he featured in Sid and Nancy (1986) and was recently nominated for starring in Mank and Tinker Tailor Soldier.

Other casts include Kristin Scott as Diana Taverner, Jack Lowden as the frustrated Agent River Cartwright, Freddie Fox as Spider Web, Olivia Cooke as Sid Baker, Jonathan Pryce as David, Rosalind Eleazer as Louisa, and Dustin Emri as Min Harper.

Slow Horses Season 1 Trailer:

 Apple Tv+ has already released a trailer for the upcoming thriller, as well you can check Mike Herron’s comments regarding his adaptation on YouTube. The espionage series is expected to premiere on 1st April, a series you should consider looking out for and maybe add to your watchlist.

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