Christopher Nolan’s TENET hits the Theatres Next Week in the US!

Finally!! Christopher Nolan is all set to release the first biggest budget movie of Hollywood, Tenet. Have you wondered? As we say first. Yes, ongoing with a production budget of $200-$225 million, this movie becomes an over expensive project in Hollywood’s history. 

After delaying almost three times due to the coronavirus pandemic, finally, this spy thriller drama will hit the theatres in the US in the first week of September, i.e., on 3rd September 2020. The production company of this great movie, Warner Bros Pictures, announced an early watch for a few moviegoers on 31st August. As a warm gesture on behalf of opening the theatres after a 5 months shutdown due to the Global health crisis of COVID-19.

Us government unfurled the theatres’ doors for the big screen lovers with the restriction of social distancing, masks requirements, and other prevention measures to the disease.

Tenet hits in Theater

Jeff Goldstein, Warner Bros’ President, said in a written statement that there could be no better trounce than TENET to welcome the audience back to the theatres.

This movie will be released on 25th August in more than 75 countries which including Japan, Australia, Canada, and many more European countries.


Tenet Reviews

The Times of London expresses this sci-fi apocalypse as “globetrotting, jaw drooping and the delightfully convoluted big-screen blockbuster” to add on the statement that cinema has finally returned!

The New York Times appraises the movie as an enjoyable masterpiece as it shots across the various world locations, which makes it more winsome to watch. 

Rotten Tomatoes has rated 80% fresh stuff with 8/10 ratings of its trailer, which spotlighted World War III. It seems more relatable for the fans with the nation’s heated issues for world war III in real life.

This masterpiece not only made Nolan praise for his excellent cryptography but also loaded Washington and Robert for their tremendous performance as you can watch in the trailer.

What makes it more erotic to watch?

This sci-fi drama features John Davis Washington and Robert Pattinson in its main leads. The story revolves around a secret agent who put on his life to prevent the world from world war III. It took Christopher almost five years to write the screenplay for this fantastic project. Aren’t you thinking that the efforts should pay off on big screens and the best stuff to heat the theatres after five months of the home arrest? 

Although Warner Bros Pictures receives glowing reviews on this upcoming blockbuster trailer, it made the audience more excited to pay for the tickets. Further, he decided to change its title, which he launched recently as it got to clash with the bicycle company’s logo.

This movie will be the biggest sensation in the history of Hollywood as similar to its budget. If you haven’t gone through TENET’s trailer yet, you must check it out, which increases your peculiarity for this $225 million thriller.

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